Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympic Fever

It is winter, as shown below:

Every four years the bright flame of amateur sport, loved by the people, burns brightly:

Oops, let's try again:

There we go, the Olympic flame properly protected from the gibbering idiots who would use it to burn witches upon. Said raving maniacs below:

A more disturbing Olympic tradition is to have giants leave turds floating in your harbour. Who knew?


I slid my hand around her waist. It was smooth, not a ripple, not a bump. She slid her hand around my waist. And all I could think about was whether she could feel the muffin top squeezing out from my jeans.
Muffin top? Thanks Olympics.


J— said...

the bright flame of amateur sport

The old ways are long, long gone.

Why didn't they put the cauldron over an outdoor stadium?

Substance McGravitas said...

The old ways are long, long gone.

Ain't it the truth.

Another Kiwi said...

Sometimes, and this is central to my point, one gets the feeling that the Olympic movement is weirder than aerobics for those of the zomboid persuasion.
There is a book called "Lords of the Rings" by a British Journalist guy which is interesting in a gobsmacking sort of way.

M. Bouffant said...

Prince Albert of Monaco mingled with Research In Motion mogul Jim Balsillie

Is this whole thing a sad joke?

Like the pix, esp. the third one, which looks like my favorite sort of landscape: A post-apocalyptic wasteland.

They couldn't come up w/ any better looking fencing?

Last one: Are the giant's logs a security thing to keep jihadist sailboaters out?

mikey said...

Why do you suppose they erected the olympic flame in the city dump?

Hah hah. Those canadians. Ironic to a fault.

Hell, it's like rain on your wedding day or sumpin....

Substance McGravitas said...

It's actually in a reasonable spot if the fences weren't keeping the animals at bay. As it is, it's a pretty pathetic way to try to represent people coming together.

Yes, my assumption is that the giant turds are to block a pretty teensy section of an inlet

J— said...

Giant turds across the harbor, very free and easy

Another Kiwi said...

Giant turds across the harbour? Well no one can say they were taken by surprise. Honest Canadians and all that.

Capcha has been juggized

Smut Clyde said...

to block a pretty teensy section of an inlet from... um... MONSTERS.

Ah, so The Host was a documentary. Alles ist klar now.

fish said...

she could feel the muffin top squeezing out from my jeans.

Someone has a rather high opinion of himself don't cha think?

guitarist manqué said...

Not much to say about the Olympics but couldn't resist my wv:

prost (!)

tigris said...

I think the giant turds mean it's too late to try to keep the monsters out.

Jennifer said...

Is that a turd? I thought the monster was just happy to see the crowd.

Or perhaps it is just the proverbial turd in the Vancouver punchbowl.