Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Message from Ron Paul

Here is an email to me, a fellow conservative, outlining Ron Paul's plan to destroy everything. It's nice that he wants to destroy the occasional bad thing, like kooky war efforts, but if you're gonna destroy everything I guess you get to destroy some of those along with, you know, everything else in the world. I'd take out all the links but it isn't worth the editing, and really, this is just note-taking on my part so I remember the bullshit as it plays out across the glorious internet. My apologies.
Who will you pick?

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Right now, you have a choice to make. Who will you pick to take on Barack Obama and end the liberal, tax-and-spend stranglehold on Washington?

You can choose a Republican who fought for state-run health care while Governor, but now laughingly claims to want to repeal ObamaCare.

You can choose a candidate who cosponsored a bill to forcibly unionize government workers nationwide by federal mandate - but now wants to claim the mantle of "Tea Party" champion.

You can choose a Governor who has been on record in favor of taxpayer subsidies for illegal immigrants and has doubled his state's debt.

Or you can choose the one candidate in the race who can honestly say that he is a lifelong, true, pro-life, pro-gun, constitutional conservative.

They say people can tell the real deal when they hear it. I sure hope so, because that's what I am

If you agree with my vision for America's future when you finish this note, I hope you'll support me at this crucial time in the race. Our campaign is surging. We are in the top 3 nationwide, and we cruised to a very strong 2nd place finish in the Iowa Straw Poll.

Click here to support Ron Paul for President

The establishment is doing its best to make sure you don't hear about my record and views, so I want to take a moment to tell you what I stand for. And I want to do it in a personal letter to you, rather than in a slick 30-second ad, or a minute on TV in a "debate."

You see, I firmly believe that the more you know about me, the more you'll realize there really is only one true constitutional conservative candidate for President this year.

I believe that the federal government should not be doing ANYTHING that is not specifically authorized by and enumerated in the Constitution.

You might hear some other folks say something that sounds like that. But look at the record.

I am the only candidate in the race who can say that they have NEVER voted for an unbalanced budget. Ever. And I will never sign one as President.

I have never voted to raise the debt ceiling. And I won't sign a debt ceiling increase as President.

There's a lot to learn about candidates on the issues. As President, my priorities would be:

*** Balancing the federal budget and ending deficit spending. I've earned the nickname "Dr. No" as a U.S. Congressman for voting AGAINST wasteful federal spending. I plan on earning the nickname "President No" for continuing that tradition!

*** Protecting the lives of the unborn. As a pro-life OB-GYN, I delivered over 4,000 babies. And I've always believed that life begins at conception. It is the duty of government to protect life, and I will vote to end abortion and stop all federal funding to Planned Parenthood.

*** Protecting the 2nd Amendment. I've been endorsed in my campaigns by the Gun Owners of America, and I believe there can be NO compromise on gun rights.

*** Securing our Borders. You can't have open borders and a welfare state. I'll fight against any amnesty and National ID schemes, and I'll champion real solutions that protect our nation and uphold the rule of law.

*** Protecting our national security AND our sovereignty. I will stop using our brave soldiers as the world's policemen, and I will end nation-building overseas so we can focus on rebuilding our own nation. I'll pull us OUT of the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and other international, sovereignty-destroying organizations that work against our nation's interests.

Click here to support Ron Paul for President

That's just the beginning. But it's a good beginning. And the best part - you will always know where President Ron Paul stands. It will be with the American people and the Constitution.

Governor Rick Perry of my home state of Texas, on the other hand, has expanded the size and scope of government in ways that would make Washington, D.C. proud. He has doubled Texas' debt. We now have more debt per capita than California!

I suppose these days that would be in style back in Washington. But I think we are all FINALLY ready for real change - not more of the same!

Other candidates have little or no record. That's fine. I don't think it's a requirement for office that you have to accumulate years of fighting and leading.

But it certainly helps.

You see, the best way to figure out what a candidate will do in office isn't to listen to what they say during a campaign. The best way is to look at their record. Look at what they've done. Look at who has been a leader on issues of importance across the board to conservatives.

I believe that if you look at who has led the way on budgets, in defense of the unborn, and for gun rights, as well as who has fought the longest and hardest against the political establishment of BOTH parties - well, I hope you'll see that the only answer is Ron Paul.

Click here to support Ron Paul for President

If you need more information, please visit my website at

If you agree with me that we must take action now to restore America, please consider giving me not only your vote, but your financial support as well.

The establishment has its DC lobbyists and corporate fat cats. For me to succeed, I must raise funds from millions of grassroots Americans just like you

Perhaps you can give $500, $250, or $100. Perhaps $25 is as much as you can send right now. Every dollar is appreciated and will be used to advance my fight for liberty!

So please, check the real records of each of the candidates. Decide for yourself which one has always stood for smaller government, personal liberty, and the right to life.

Take the time to talk to your friends, family, and relatives. Take a look at what the other candidates are telling you - and what they're trying NOT to tell you

I hope and pray you'll choose to support my campaign for President.

It's time to take our country back. Please join with me today.

For Liberty,
Ron Paul

P.S. If you'd like to support my campaign, please complete the pledge and chip in a generous contribution. I'd appreciate your support.

But most important, I ask you to take a look at the issues that matter to you. Then take a look at the real record of each of the candidates who are asking for your vote. Don't let the media tell you how to vote. Vote for the person who best represents constitutional conservative principles and real values.

I believe you'll find that candidate to be me, and I hope I will have your vote for the Republican nomination for President.


J— said...

That's just the beginning.

But wait, there's more!

I was kind of expecting one of the donation levels to be only $19.95.

mikey said...

"Who will you pick?"

Um, I dunno, is my nose an option?

Substance McGravitas said...

I am the only candidate in the race who can say that they have NEVER voted for an unbalanced budget. Ever. And I will never sign one as President.

I have never voted to raise the debt ceiling. And I won't sign a debt ceiling increase as President.

You know, that shit's a material threat to every nation in the world. Where's the international hit squad getting ready to take out Ron Paul? Surely the Chinese will get him.

Dragon-King Wangchuck said...

He's already been taken out. He could win the first five primaries and media coverage would still be evenly split between Perry, Bachmann, Mitt and unannounced Republican of the week.

Also, re: letter.

Smut Clyde said...

NEVER voted for an unbalanced budget

He's not keen on competition.

M. Bouffant said...

You can pick your nose, & you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your friends' noses. (Doesn't seem fair, does it?)


"Hello, li-berry? I need to know all there is to know about them .gif animation dealies.

Any suggestions?"


tigris said...

Huh, four of his five top priorities aren't specifically authorized by and enumerated in the Constitution.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Ron Paul isn't in the Constitution.

Kathleen said...

He delivers babies?! I am going to have a serious last-night-I-dreamed-Ron-Paul-delivered-my-baby sweat-inducing nightmare. Holy shit. Can you even imagine? no. no I cannot imagine.