Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stop Thinking About Making Me Hit Myself

Here is a headline:
Are Democrats Planning a Government Shutdown?
Gracious! Are they?
In the December surprise scenario, the Democrats, who would still largely have the same majority in place after the election as they would before it, would toss into the CR a couple of provisions that Republicans simply could not vote for. There is no telling yet what those might be, but they could be anything from card check and a “cap and trade” energy tax to something apparently minor having to do with abortions at overseas U.S. military hospitals or funding for embryonic stem cell research.

The idea is not to see any of these items actually become law but to include them in the CR because their inclusion would force the Republicans into opposing it, even to the point of using the filibuster to keep it off the Senate floor. The result being that the federal government would run out of money and have to shut down.
Ah, the majority party would FORCE the minority party to shut the government down. By attempting to pass policies the majority wants.

Politics is complicated.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Politics is complicated.

Ladybugs is theft.

mikey said...

No, see, I WANT to go to work, but in a craven move calculated to achieve their nefarious ends, they said I had to get up early in the morning.

Well, you can see how I had no choice but to refuse to cave into their foul manipulation and just stay home...