Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Fact Is, The Facts Is WRONG

The WikiLeaked embarrassments continue:
OTTAWA — A U.S. Embassy official studying at the University of Ottawa apparently experienced first-hand what American officials describe as the “anti-American biases” of Canada’s universities and academics.

The story is told in a diplomatic cable from the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa, which was written in 2009 and released publicly this past week by the whistleblower website WikiLeaks.
Ooh, what does this anti-Americanism consist of? WEDGIES? SWIRLIES?
During an international human rights law class, the professor would routinely ask students which country was “again noticeably absent” from those that had ratified international human rights treaties, the cable says.

Instead of answering, students in the class reportedly would point at the embassy official to indicate the U.S. as the country in question.
Aww, poor embassy guy was ashamed. Anything else?
The cable said the professor slammed the U.S. as an embarrassment when it came to equality and equal opportunity, blaming then-U.S. president George W. Bush for the declining percentage of women in the workforce. The professor also labelled the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and UN as ineffective “captives” of the U.S.

All those criticisms came in the first class, the cable notes.

The incidents at the university are used to illustrate what the cable portrays as an overarching tradition of anti-Americanism in Canada.
An overarching tradition of not having governments fulla assholes might go some distance to redressing this genocidal hatred.


M. Bouffant said...

You'd better not awaken the sleeping giant to the south that is farting on you in its sleep.

ckc (not kc) said...

Instead of answering, students in the class reportedly would point at the embassy official to indicate the U.S. as the country in question.

QE(fucking)D - pointing being the ultimate geographic indicator [check the court transcripts] - who needs GIS?

vacuumslayer said...

There's too much stuff about Canada at this blog lately. Can we get back to Americans--specifically American me?

And M., I'll have you know that I've been suffering from insomnia lately.

ckc (not kc) said...

Can we get back to Americans

...pointing's not enough? We could provide some booing and hissing.

wv "conned" oh, where is that NOT appropriate?

Substance McGravitas said...

It's election time! Only lasts a little while so it's a billion times more awesome than American elections SO THERE.

Hooker scandal!

ckc (not kc) said...

The officer, now allegedly retired know, I'd like my constabulary to know whether members are retired or not. Just a little indication of competence, don't ya know.

vacuumslayer said...

ckc, I prefer that people do The Wave if they must gesture at me. But so many seem to extend their middle finger instead.

Substance, OMG, even your sex scandals are boring!! I fell asleep halfway thru that article. Get back to me when you've got wildly-hypocritical conservative officials who like to crap their pants in front hookers...then get re-elected.

vacuumslayer said...

in front OF

mikey said...

They won't let me into Canada so I'm interested in getting whatever information I can from up there.

It's like they have some kind of Ethan-LOL Curtain or some damn thang...

ckc (not kc) said...

Mikey - the curtain is a "random" curtain (subject to political influence) (check with your local politician - he will advise)

VS - pointing, etc., is a reflex up here - the middle finger is a well understood and commonly employed option. The boringness of our vices is a given, eh?

Willy said...

So pointing out how one's country is not behaving according to international norms is anti-Americanism?

Butthurt seems to be our national response to any slight, real or imagined.

Just an insecure bully, yet the "greatest country God has ever allowed to exist on his footstool". Who's gonna fill those 300 million thorazine prescriptions?

guitarist manqué said...

Thorazine: NOT my favorite. Can we get a little nuance and variety in our pillz pleez? Thanks.