Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Q and A with David Rohde

I'm impressed by the number of comments in this Q and A that take issue with the idea that former Taliban hostage Mr. Rohde made an effort to find out more about the place where American blood is being spilled.


mikey said...

Don't be silly.

Americans are generally opposed to any understanding of those we choose as our enemies.

It seriously interferes with our tribal and racial hatred, and inhibits our ability to dehumanize them.

Next you're going to suggest that dropping bombs out of robotic airplanes on houses and cars in rural villages actually puts human beings at risk.

Such perfidy...

And capcha is announcing he is NOT a libertarian asshole - notrand

J— said...

Ethnography is for the weak, unless it is done for Human Terrain System, then it is for the strong.