Monday, January 11, 2010

Ta-Nehisi Coates

A plot to make Andrew Sullivan look good? See, you know your good writer has shit arguments, so maybe you let a shit writer make the good arguments and the consent you manufacture will be juuuuuuussst right.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Thank Goodness we have the Repuke-lickins to get all pc for the common good.

Is M.C. Steele going to tell Jeff Sessions to hold off on wearing his KKK outfit until after the 2010 elections?

mikey said...

Clearly you're a racist.

You know, like Harry Reid.

Not like that nice Trent Lott, but you know what I'm saying...

Substance McGravitas said...

Yes, I am quite terrible.

J— said...

I notice Coates skips over the phenotypical issue and gives more attention to the linguistic one of code-switching, which can be more easily reduced to a binary than variation in skin color.

Do you read this guy regularly, Substance? I would think the sloppiness in writing would make that a bit of a challenge.

J— said...

Switching, if I may, from Reid's remark to its publication, did you all see this?

The authors write in “Game Change,” published this weekend, that Reid had made the remark “privately.” They did not say he had said it to them.


In the book's“Authors’ Note," they wrote: “All of our interviews — from those with junior staffers to those with the candidates themselves — were conducted on a ‘deep background’ basis, which means we agreed not to identify the subjects as sources in any way. We believed this was essential to eliciting the level of candor on which a book of this sort depends."

Instead of "I'm My Own Grandpa," one could sing "I'm My Own Anonymous Source."

Substance McGravitas said...

Do you read this guy regularly, Substance?

Nope. I saw him linked at LGM was once again impressed at how awful he is.

guitarist manqué said...

I've found "I'm My Own Grandpaw" to be a really strange litmus test for an audience. The damndest people just lose it laughing. It might only be that they had never heard it before but it's reliably weird.

Others snora.

J— said...

I've always enjoyed the song. I have a soft spot for it because I liked going to the First Theatre when I was a kid. The group that performed there would also do that song.