Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Rich Do Not Have Sex

Breaking news from The Corner:
My colleague Charlie Cooke shows how easy it is to get free condoms by the handful in New York City. As he points out, these “free” condoms are, of course, paid for out of tax revenues. So, in effect, the free-condom program is a transfer of wealth from people who are not having sex to people who are. Shouldn’t it work the other way?
It makes so much sense. Had I more free time I too might while away the days stealing candy from babies.

Kiddie Music

The Lovely Daughter: I have a question for you. What is a bee's favourite guitarist?
Me: I don't know.
TLD: Buzz from The Melvins.


In societies past one might have had to display one's wealth to the surrounding citizenry by, say, strapping your possessions to the roof of your car and driving around to show everyone, but these days even the agoraphobics can impress the gullible by simply filming themselves fondling their most recent acquisitions and inviting the world to watch. I used to be somewhat unhappy about seeing this woman show up in the young one's internet wanderings:

Lately, though, it's this guy:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Top One Writing Device That's Really Darned Complicated

Need a list? Here is another one from John Hawkins:
Five Things Children Know That Liberals Have Forgotten
And here are the initial items, less the explanatory craziness:
1) Life's not fair.
2) You can't have everything you want.
3) Good people make the world work.
Yes, no liberal could possibly understand any of those things which is why 1) no compensatory social programs exist anywhere 2) all liberals have sailed their dance-party yachts to tropical Orgasmodrugtopia and 3) oh for fuck's sake. Let us to proceed to item #4.
4) Liberals think EVERYONE should get a trophy.
Yes, the children know that liberals think everyone should get a trophy and the liberals have forgotten that they think everyone should get a trophy.

There is another item but it is too embarrassed to appear.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sons of England

When last we visited the International Metaphysical University it concerned crazy person Rupert Matthews, a faculty member of IMU who was in line to succeed mildly less crazy Conservative Roger Helmer as member of the European parliament for the East Midlands. On this front Helmer speaks:
In October, I announced my intention to resign from the European parliament on Dec 31st. I was asked by our Delegation Leader Martin Callanan to postpone that date to Jan 20th to cover some key votes in Strasbourg in January, which I agreed to do. However I have not yet signed the Parliament’s formal deed of resignation.

I made it clear at the time that a key reason for my decision was my disillusionment with a wide range of Conservative policies – a view which has been strongly reinforced by David Cameron’s vocal backing for further fiscal integration in the EU.

I announced my resignation in the confident expectation (shared by just about everyone) that I would be replaced by the Next-in-Line on the 2009 Conservative East Midlands list, Rupert Matthews. Since the introduction of the regional list system of voting, there have been nine mid-term vacancies for UK MEPs, and on every occasion the seat has gone to the next available name on the list.

It has now emerged, however, that the Party has reservations over the succession. After the 2010 General Election, a large number of very good people, including Rupert, were taken off the Westminster candidate list. Because he is not currently on that list, the Party has referred his case to the Candidates’ Committee, which will require him to undergo a Candidate Panel.
AHA! The Tories have been tipped off that they may be embarrassed by a loon that is not the right kind of loon. What does Roger think?
I have made it clear that I will not sign the formal resignation papers until the position is clarified and Rupert is confirmed. I was happy to resign in favour of the Next-in-Line in the normal way, but I am not prepared to stand aside for some A-List Cameron protégée from St. John’s Wood.

However the Party says it will not call the panel and make the decision until I do resign. So we have a Mexican stand-off.

I think that both I and Rupert (and our respective families) are entitled to some certainty and resolution on the issue. Accordingly I have indicated to the Party Chairman that if the situation is not resolved within a few weeks, I shall withdraw my offer to resign. I am quite prepared, if necessary, to stay in place for the remaining 2½ years of my mandate, until 2014.
Like a True Conservative™, he will not brook reasonless change and will piss in the party's punchbowl until mollified.

Where was I?

Oh yes. The preceding was all super-fascinating of course, but neither here nor there compared to the important news. LOOK!
Many in the metaphysical world have talked about the mysterious Planet X showing up in 2012. This supposition was first introduced by Zecharia Sitchin in the 1970′s and has stuck around as a sort of folk lore ever since. Yet many people are now posting photographs and video indicating that we are having “two suns” showing up in the sky, one of which is purported to be Planet X.

The following two photos were both taken here in the Mid-Ohio Valley; one right her in Parkersburg, WV and one near Columbus, OH. I would be interested in hearing everyone’s comments.

What do you think? Two suns? Is it Planet X? What is your explanation?
I believe the enlightened traveller of the bloggy neighbourhood knows what is coming next.
Notice the beams of light shining down from the sun and yet there appears to be a second object in the sky that also looks like it could be a sun off to the right. Hmm. Is it the moon? Seems like an odd time and placement for the moon but if anyone knows for sure I’d like to hear.
You can see the second “sun” off to the left. Now this could simply be a glare of some sort except that it showed up in a second photo taken shortly thereafter. (Below).
Still there! lol. So let me know you’re thoughts. It certainly makes for interesting and thought-provoking conversation whatever you believe. Also, if you have pictures that show something similar we’d like to see it. :) Send it to
THAT, my friends, is a fucking orb-perception FAIL. University my arse. Two suns would mean the UK would be sunny and everyone knows it is a drab fucking nightmare plus fights in pubs. Also I look out the window now and I see it is night-time, and if there were two suns it stands to reason that it would be TWICE AS NIGHT-TIME. Where's your second sun NOW, genius? Thundra, get on the intertrons and let these idiots know what the orbs are all about. You too Mr. Collins.

This I Did Not Know

Apparently I am a maniac in good standing:

I am tempted to write a resignation letter liberally spiced with JanusNode.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Aliens in Parkas

Via the just-barely-posting zeppo, here is some art in the snow. More at the link.


Bingo fury.Bingo fury.Bingo fury.Bingo fury.Bingo fury.Bingo fury.Bingo fury.Bingo fury.

There's more than one way to be a zombie.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Twitter: Objectively Unconnected to Thoughts or Words or Deeds

Former National Review Online editor and current editor-at-large Kathryn Jean Lopez:
Sin and death is a daily struggle but as long as we remember Christ never leaves us alone, as formidable of daily life may seem, He does not leave us to live it without Him. Offering him every thought, Word, deed, and tweet, we can be His light.
Praise for the Lord in tweets pictured below:

Friday, February 24, 2012


Michael Auslin:
In medieval times, “villeins” were a class of serfs who held the legal status of freemen in their dealings with all people except their lord (according to the American Heritage Dictionary). How close are we to becoming “villein citizens”? When faced with the capricious nature of the state, we fall back on what seems to be our freedom, yet increasingly our liberty is defined not by the will of the people but by government bureaucrats and elected officials. In our relations with our fellow citizens, and with private institutions, we continue to believe we are free, accorded rights by law and possessing a centuries-old apparatus based on custom to protect those rights, and act as such.

Yet in relations with the federal government, we are increasingly seen and treated as serfs, with no protections save what the lord at the time deigns to give us.
What rights are we worried about this time?
Let us be clear (to use a phrase currently in vogue), when the state gets to determine what counts as a religious organization, and when it determines what that organization must do, then we are not free men, but serfs to an increasingly confident master. That is the nub of the HHS-mandate ruling.
Oh, of course, the right of your employer to meddle in your medical affairs.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Love a Man and a Woman Partially in Uniform

Sexy cosplay!
The lawyer for a female Mountie facing dismissal for sexual misconduct with her boss told RCMP adjudicators on Wednesday that Canadians would be disturbed that he got a “$4,000 fine,” but she faces loss-of-job damages of about “$4-million.”
Okay, her claim seems somewhat inflated, but dick move nonetheless. So to speak.

Still, no surprise that the sex happened:
In a code-of-conduct hearing, Const. Susan Gastaldo and Staff-Sgt. Travis Pearson were found guilty of having sex in a police car in the spring of 2009, while Gastaldo worked for Pearson in the “Special O” surveillance unit in the Lower Mainland.
Have I mentioned that the previously endorsed and luscious local burger pictured below has TRIPLE-O SAUCE?

Neither a single nor a double O is sufficient.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Undefatigable

John Nolte:
This isn’t scientific, but it sure is amusing.
Excellent sir, for I seek amusement without all that dumb eggheaded elitist nerd book-learning.
The left-wing “L.A. Times”
There it is! Amusement! Yet the sentence remains unfinished.
...included a poll in this article. They asked their mostly left-wing readers which film they were more interested in seeing: HBO’s “Game Change” or Steven Bannon’s “The Undefeated.”
Hmm, so the commie paper asks their commie readers what Sarah Palin film they want to see...
Here are the results as of now:

Hello there.  I used to be a 405kb bitmap but now I am a svelte 11kb PNG.
My gast is so flabbered it needs a smoke. I wonder why that poll by that left-wing newspaper of its left-wing readership is so pro-Palin?
Could it be that the only Palin-haters left in America work at HBO?
Yes. That is why she will be president on January 20th, 2013. BOOKMARK HER VICTORY DANCE, LIBS!

Sarah Palin hentaiSarah Palin hentaiSarah Palin hentaiSarah Palin hentai

Get Offa...No Wait I'll Get Offa YOUR Lawn.

Jesus Christ this Wanda Jackson album is an embarrassment.

Let's clear the palate, liberal-fascist style:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Future Animation Ideas

Debt is Chock Full o'Crap, in the appealing way I mean, not the other way. Click for some notes and a tantalizing vision of hideousness outlined in red.

I can't find a good english translation of what I think is the sutra in question. There are partial translations that don't record the story.


Enjoy your new life Thundra.


CT Debt seminar begins. Not quite finished reading the book yet...




Monday, February 20, 2012

Fired Greeks

This is a week old. Nevertheless:
Feb. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Greek doctors are fighting a new invisible foe every day at their hospitals: a pneumonia-causing superbug that most existing antibiotics can’t kill.

The culprit is spreading through health centers already weighed down by a shortage of nurses. The hospital-acquired germ killed as many as half of people with blood cancers infected at Laiko General Hospital, a 500-bed facility in central Athens.
There's more to the story than the excerpt: don't play with antibiotics if you don't have to, kids! Still, sure would be nice if there was money for nurses. So people don't die and stuff.


This may provide momentary misery-relief.


Hello, I am Newt Gingrich and I am walking for president.

He looks so happy. Run don't walk, Newt!

Full-size Newt just so you can get a clearer look at his happy face:

Hello, I am Newt Gingrich and I am walking for president.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

OMG It's a Giant Wally Gator Pursuing Ann Althouse!

Hello, I am Wally Gator and I am here to make Saturday morning television just a little bit cheaper.

How many other sites offer you Wally Gators in TWO SPEEDS?


Hello, I am Wally Gator and I am here to make Saturday morning television just a little bit cheaper.Hello, I am Wally Gator and I am here to make Saturday morning television just a little bit cheaper but at a faster pace.

It's All in the Headline

This is not the way I would start an item in defense of my boss.

Depending on the boss.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Selective publishing of results conceals the piscine costs.

They hurt me SO BAD.They hurt me also too SO BAD.

They hurt me SO BAD.They hurt me also too SO BAD.They hurt me SO BAD.They hurt me also too SO BAD.They hurt me SO BAD.They hurt me also too SO BAD.They hurt me SO BAD.They hurt me also too SO BAD.They hurt me SO BAD.They hurt me also too SO BAD.They hurt me SO BAD.They hurt me also too SO BAD.They hurt me SO BAD.They hurt me also too SO BAD.They hurt me SO BAD.They hurt me also too SO BAD.They hurt me SO BAD.They hurt me also too SO BAD.They hurt me SO BAD.They hurt me also too SO BAD.They hurt me SO BAD.They hurt me also too SO BAD.They hurt me SO BAD.They hurt me also too SO BAD.They hurt me SO BAD.They hurt me also too SO BAD.They hurt me SO BAD.They hurt me also too SO BAD.They hurt me SO BAD.They hurt me also too SO BAD.They hurt me SO BAD.They hurt me also too SO BAD.They hurt me SO BAD.They hurt me also too SO BAD.They hurt me SO BAD.They hurt me also too SO BAD.They hurt me SO BAD.They hurt me also too SO BAD.