Friday, January 22, 2010

Fibs Are Prominent

I've always had kind of a soft spot for Prong - boy that's fun to write. When I first heard them I figured their best work was chuggier Killing Joke, which was godlike prescience for second-rate metal on my part because they later snagged Killing Joke's bass player (though the somewhat inferior second one).

Anyway this song is now interesting to me because of misheard lyrics* that will not leave my brain, especially with a kid around:
What's all this for?
Bound and limited
Disregard my word
Fibs are prominent
Listen: fibs are a big fucking deal. So here's to you, Prong, and your understanding of youth:

*I don't actually know what the right lyrics are. Given the other mistakes in the link provided, these JUST CANNOT BE.

1 comment:

mikey said...

Overall, fibs are middling.

The important thing is to have determined who it is unacceptable to tell fibs to, and who it is harmlessly amusing.

Hot blonde at the bar? Amusing. Harmlessly.

Yourself. Seriously problematic...