Thursday, March 31, 2011

The What?

Did I just read an entire thread about a book called The Greek Seamen without seeing a single joke about you-know-what?

Someone to Blame

Matthew Shaffer at The Corner:
They say there are no jobs in journalism anymore. In fact, there’s at least one, and you can apply right here. The Buckley Fellowship is a pretty wonderful opportunity — almost a bit too good to be true. After seven months on it, I feel a little guilty that I’ve bamboozled the world into paying me to learn about politics and foreign affairs and big ideas and prose style, and occasionally even to inflict my own thoughts on our readership. It’s a bit unfair that such jobs exist and are sometimes even given to recent graduates — but those who can take advantage of it should.

The fellowship is educational, lets you do meaningful and creative and satisfying work while serving a good cause, and all that jazz. But it’s also, more importantly, a lot of fun. We have a good time at the office. On Wednesday lunches you can enjoy battles of wits between NR’s hip young editors and writers, including but not limited to Kevin Williamson, Dan Foster, and Fred Schwarz. At after-work drinks, you can drop your card, and people marvel and ask, “You know Jooonah?” or “You know Derb?” And you can nod back, real cool-like, and say, “Intimately — I edit them.” (It’s true: when people ask if you know Jonah — and they always do — they pronounce all three o’s.)
Please stop it. You aren't good at it.

Text Editor for Windows Bleg

What's the best free text editor for Windows for geek purposes? I've used Xint for a while. I like feature bloat.


Some software just has more ponies.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Sometimes the lovely daughter, in her scouring of the internet, has to be gently pushed in another direction, but now you get to watch this:

Even more. He seems to have really enjoyed himself.

My Computer is Old Too

As I remain solidly behind the curve, I use a bunch of old Macs. I like Firefox, and the speed difference in the new version is pretty impressive on the PC at work. None of'em are Intel-based machines, however, and Mozilla has left them behind.

TenFourFox works on my G5, while the frighteningly-named Minefield works reasonably well too and covers the G4 laptop. The most important extensions still seem to work fine, though I lost PassiveCache (which I liked a lot). Not really sure which is peppier; maybe M. Bouffant's page is the true test?

Hmm, Minefield seems to do better with Flash, so sticking with that.

OMG I did not know what Bouffant had waiting there at that page over thereabouts.

I'll get you for this Weigel. YOU'LL MOO THE DAY.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


On The Now-Discredited

Warner Todd Huston on an admission:
Media Matters was once a perfectly legitimate, though left-wing media critic.
Warner Todd Huston respecting legitimacy in 2007:
the extreme, leftist propaganda group Media Matters

Monday, March 28, 2011

Selling Out

A hipster gives up blogging:
For years, the pop culture blog Hipster Runoff has puzzled, intrigued and enraged the "alt" and "mainstream" world in almost equal measure. Gawker honored him in 2009 with the much-coveted "Hipster of the Decade" award.
Never heard of it. But this part is interesting:
The money was pretty decent (usually took a long time to actually reach my pocket due to advertisers delayed payment schedules), but being a one person blog it is probably not a solid long-term career choice. Plus on top of that, ad networks usually take at least 50% off the top.


If I could have sold out, I would have, but that opportunity never came, and probably wasn't going to for HRO.
Apparently selling out is not selling out and is some other undefined thing. Expect lots of ads and pornography at this site soon. But interesting and edgy ads and pornography. You know, hip. Plus paywall.


Andrew C. McCarthy:
Was all this not true when Obama was embracing the Bush policy of considering Qaddafi a valuable ally against terrorism and when Obama was pouring taxpayer funds into Qaddafi-run charities?
It's Crazier Andy, so the sentence is not to be taken seriously in its particulars, but hey, I'm willing to say Obama is a hypocritical asshole if the hypocritical asshole judgement now also applies to the hypocritical asshole National Review writers had their heads stuffed in for eight years. If tarring Obama as Bush is their weapon their project as a whole looks kinda silly, huh?

The Measure of Success

A question for Pervez Musharraf:
You are planning a return to Pakistan to run again for President, a job you left in 2008. Why?

For the sake of Pakistan. I am very comfortable. I go around the world lecturing, and they pay me well. But there is a cause bigger than the self. I governed the country for nine years — successfully. So I don't have to reinvent the wheel. And I know Pakistan is suffering. I know there is a vacuum of leadership. Therefore the cause of Pakistan pulls me toward my destiny. Maybe it's a call of destiny much more for the nation than for myself.
More surprising answers - not that I claim any expertise on what could go better in Pakistan - to questions at the link.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Orient Yourself

My American friends can figure out where they fall on the Canadian political map with this. Could you really fit in to this nation of imaginary girlfriends?

An election's coming up, disaster looms. I'll be voting NDP; the compass tells me I'm to the left of them socially and economically.

Fuck you Michael Ignatieff. And Steven Harper, but that's a given.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Like Baman Piderman

The MAN Doesn't Want YOU Entertained!

Well geez, I was hoping that'd last more than 15 minutes at YouTube if untitled and untagged, but it was not to be.

Four views, three dislikes: COME ON.

And yes yes, it's really just me that's entertained. Anyone who wants a talking goatse screensaver - Mac only! - that will react to input from a microphone please let me know.

Maybe it'll last at the right-wing crazy site:

Audio stolen from tux guy at Roy's place.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Densitometer

Authentic Frenchmen

Conrad Black on Libya:
I have thought all along that the key to a satisfactory outcome lay with the French. France is a Mediterranean country; Algeria, Libya’s neighbor, was a French département (state or province) from 1830 until 1963, and there were more than a million authentic Frenchmen in Algeria, including the great writer Albert Camus. France, in all its feline self-indulgence, was happy to claim for decades its tolerance and vocation for absorption and fraternization with the Arabs, especially while de Gaulle could irritate the Americans by truckling to Arab anti-Semitism, and the French elites could sit in their cafes waving their smoldering Gitane or Gauloise cigarettes and snifters of cognac or absinthe about, extolling the virtues of French trans-Mediterranean Arabophilia (in refreshing contrast to America’s hypocrisy and bigotry vis-à-vis its black population). The whole charade was supported by feting James Baldwin and other American black intellectuals virtually with such open arms as those with which Americans embraced Antoine de St. Exupéry and Andre Gide during World War II; or those with which the French court welcomed Jacques Cartier’s representative Canadian Indian, Donnacona, in the 16th century. (Gide, an aggressive homosexual decades ahead of his time, was attracted to America chiefly by the relatively tight trousers of American GIs, who, as he put it, rolled their buttocks fetchingly along the great boulevards of the French cities they liberated (ultimately almost all of them).
I call JanusNode.

Just a smidge more:
President Sarkozy was elevated to the headship of the state in part because as interior minister he had denounced the unruly Paris Arabs as “riff-raff”; and he tried to stay at the crest of the wave of developing opinion. But longtime xenophobe and Arab-baiter Jean-Marie Le Pen’s daughter, more presentable than her father as she has dropped his anti-Semitism, and has a softer vocabulary and less strident and buffoonish style, moved up almost to level pegging in the polls with Sarkozy.
I rate for less strident and buffoonish styles, plus a good pegging.

At the link there is an audio version of this glossolalia.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Penguin

Attempting to whistle the solo from this while on the bus gets you funny looks:

Probably just thinking about this.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Could Have Been

Kevin D. Williamson:
Hourly cost of whatever it is we’re doing in Libya: about $4 million. Total cost of building one mile of border fence, as undertaken by our horribly inefficient, bloated, largely incompetent federal government: about $2 million. So, every 30 minutes we’re in Libya is one mile of border fence we could have built: Assuming the mission is accomplished in each case, which investment would make us safer?
Credit is due, I guess, to Williamson for preferring domestic destruction to foreign.

Role Reversal

In celebration, obviously.

If someone - SOMEONE - wants to make me a better wine glass I'd be grateful. Most of the ones you can steal are pretty shitty, although there's the occasional amusing umbrella drink.

Thanks! I think maybe the wine should be a little closer to Ann too...but just outta reach, ya lush!

Tags pretty much the same as before:

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Rights for Refugees

Vancouver is where it's at:
Randy Quaid screamed through the world premiere of his song Star Whackers at a Vancouver club Friday night, a conspiracy theory anthem whose content did not stray much from expectations, given its title and the recent, bizarre history of its writer.

“I’m talking about whackers,” Quaid screeched into the microphone during a late-night two-song set at The Commodore Ballroom. “Those cheesy star whackers!”
Was that set to the Patty Duke Show theme or something? Oh wait, maybe not:

There's an "entertainingly crazy" box to tick on the immigration forms. Welcome all!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

White Powers

This guy is entertaining. What the hell makes him interested in stupid comic books?

Also Hitler

Michelle Malkin:
A grown woman in public office who acts like Lindsay Lohan has no business comparing one of America's finest generals to Charlie Sheen. But anti-war Democratic Rep. Lynn Woolsey has never shown any restraint when it comes to trashing America's military leaders before the world. That's because being a Code Pink liberal -- like being a Hollywood brat -- means never having to apologize for your reckless words and deeds.
Who will win this battle of inappropriate celebrity comparisons? The congresswoman who compares the general of a War Until Forever to a rich and famous delusional scumbag? Or Michelle Malkin, a concentration camp advocate who compares the Code Pink-supporting congresswoman to a rich and famous delusional scumbag?

Saturday, March 19, 2011


The Great Reveal

I don't really have anything to say about Janet M. LaRue's latest article except this:


Friday, March 18, 2011