Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Merely Clumsy Bombast"

Adam Baldwin checks to see if the gun's loaded from the wrong end:
Forgiving all that for now as merely clumsy bombast, their point — and others’ like Tom Shales is clearly to intimidate Americans. It is to thwart and punish people who speak publicly in Jesus’ name. It is to force people into adhering to Secularism’s unwritten rulebook and principles, not the Bible or First Amendment — whither the Free Exercise Clause?


mikey said...

The part I've never understood, and there's a long history of these things, is why do they assume that "jesus" wins every time over "not jesus", as if there was some well-known empirical evidence proving that jesus is the answer and not-jesus is, well, just stupid and imaginary.

But in reality, in an argument of this type, 'jesus' and 'not jesus' are truly equivalent arguments, as jesus' survival is deeply embedded in the impossibility of proving a negative, so the whole "ha-ha, what a clown" argument is just not usable in this case.

And while every single goddam thing we know mitigates against 'jesus', and 'not-jesus' is pretty obviously the answer to anyone who doesn't have a preconceived answer to the question and is less afraid of what happens AFTER dying than is unhappy with the whole concept OF dying, we are still willing to call it a draw, 'cause, yeah, y'know, I can't prove unequivocally that your invisible superhero that was born from a virgin and came back from the dead isn't a whole-cloth invention of fourth-century peasants who were afraid of lightening, so heh-heh, sure you're an idiot but hey, let's all find a way to get along and shit.

And then you go and whup out this kind of arrogant "I know the answer and you're a moran" argument that makes me want to knock you down on a matteress and piss on your head...

Substance McGravitas said...

I justify my own beliefs in this'n'that: if you've got a stupid god who wants to spend a year or so in the rockinest adult baby fantasy of all time - THE BOOBS OF A VIRGIN! - you're obliged to have your fantasy come out on top every time.

Not that Baldwin's worth the trouble: is that one of the dumbestly dumbest paragraphs ever?

tigris said...

Not that Baldwin's worth the trouble: is that one of the dumbestly dumbest paragraphs ever?

Dumber than "Sadly however, some drones of Secularism have reflexively stomped on their Political Correctness brakes; stinging at Mr. Hume with personal demonization, as if he’d somehow committed a sin against their totalitarian faith..."?

I think he went through the entire fail spectrum with that one.