Monday, June 13, 2011


Saskatchewan is a funny place:
Raycraft said she was amazed when she first set eyes on the massive collection kept by their neighbours on a nearby acreage. "There was a house floor-to-ceiling with books," said Raycraft. "He was the collector; she had tried to get someone to appraise the books but they wouldn't come out [to the rural setting]."

"She didn't know how to deal with them so she started to burn them," Raycraft explained.


"We're talking 30 tonnes of books. The weight of the books is pulling the house apart."
Video at the link with a yellover delivered by somebody I think is trying to get out of Saskatchewan. Not while saying "LIEBERRY" and looking totally fucking baked, guy. Recommended viewing.


bbkf said...

zomg! he did say liberry! imma want some of thoze books...

vacuumslayer said...

Oh crap, bbkf's here. Now, she's gonna beat me to my "jokes" at Casa de Sub, too? Thwarted!

This story bums me out. Honestly, the idea of books like first edition Black Beauty's getting burned makes me cringe. I hope some rich bibliophile saves the day.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

All these people with their 'lieberries' and their 'crackberries'.

Kids today!

fish said...

lieberries are used for email by politicians

Dragon-King Wangchuck said...

*boggle* Over a third of a million books! Holy fucken shit. Thems a lotta books.

If you collected ten books a day, seven days a week, it'd still take almost a century.

There's some textbooks in there, but even if we assume that the bulk are paperbacks - average weight has got to be close to a pound per. Let's round down-ish and call it 150 tonnes of books. Six ISO standard shipping containers. SIX OF 'EM!

Even if you were willing to burn teh books, getting through teh pile is a non-trivial task.

LEAFS SUCK has teh largest public library system in North America with 11 million items in catalog - this one guy managed to get to over 3% of that. That is a lotta fucken books.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I'm with VS, the idea that someone would torch a first edition copy of "Black Beauty" is horrifying.

Substance McGravitas said...

Eeyup. It seems to me that there are book maniacs all over the place willing to bring a truck - even to Saskatchewan from out-of-province - to haul away boxes of an unidentified collection (as long as it's a collection and not a junkpile).