Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Get Offa...No Wait I'll Get Offa YOUR Lawn.

Jesus Christ this Wanda Jackson album is an embarrassment.

Let's clear the palate, liberal-fascist style:


M. Bouffant said...

OK, these I will click w/ the sound up.

vacuumslayer said...

I only know about Wanda Jackson because I was channel surfing one day and I came across this documentary. It's weird how neat she was yet doesn't get nearly the attention of other artists of her time.

I have this song and I think it's terrific.

Substance McGravitas said...

I agree that she never got her due, but recent efforts aren't helping. Compared to the hillbilly rock stuff she pioneered the Jack White record stinks.

She also did a bunch of country music in a poor-substitute-for-Skeeter-Davis vein.

Substance McGravitas said...

For what it's worth, my current Wanda Jackson list:

Tears At the Grand Ole Opry
Sinful Heart
Lovin' Country Style
I Can't Make My Dreams Understand
Makin Believe
Day Dreaming
Rock Your Baby
I Cried Again
Did You Miss Me
If You Knew What I Know
A Date With Jerry
Mean Mean Man
Money Honey
Here We Are Again
You Can't Have My Love (With Billy Gray)
Cryin' Thru the Night
You'd Be the First One to Know
I Gotta Know
The Right to Love
Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
Half As Good a Girl
No Wedding Bells for Joe
Baby Loves Him
Cool Love
Let Me Explain
Like a Baby
Teach Me Tonight
(Let's Have A) Party
If You Don't Somebody Else Will (With Billy Gray)
Just Call Me Lonesome
Fujiyama Mama
Long Tall Sally
Don'a Wan'a
I Wanna Waltz
The Heart You Could Have Had
You Won't Forget (About Me)
Heartbreak Ahead
Silver Threads and Golden Needles
Let Me Go, Lover
(Every Time They Play) Our Song
Hot Dog ! That Made Him Mad
Happy, Happy Birthday
Rum and Coca-Cola
Nervous Breakdown
Blue Yodel #6

Things get worse from Busted onwards. Said items may be subject to downgrade/deletion.

vacuumslayer said...

For someone who seems to have mixed feelings about her work, that's some list!

Substance McGravitas said...

It's slowly getting shorter.

vacuumslayer said...

Gotta be ruthless! That's my motto! Never liked Ruth anyway.

J Neo Marvin said...

Jesus, that was absolute shite. Hope Jack White doesn't get his hands on Ronnie Spector next.

Substance McGravitas said...

I kind of want to investigate how he records in order to understand how things can go so horribly wrong.