Monday, July 19, 2010

More Palin Markov Chains

Following "refudiate" the time seemed ripe for an artificial Sarah Palin to generate words she can write on her hand for when she needs 'em. JanusNode will chain characters as well as words, so sticking with characters that like to follow other characters in Palinblabber we get:
What a relate the next corruption what an issue things. I thin 26 days we're people tar sands. And Piper, I said I can be ordinary, he's gotten off the less beholden to happed in it, you like 40 some to him. One of they're who reporters, too. You know is movement and sharing to hundreds of freedom between our all of people to say 'eh' too, I because I am today ahead. And he work ethic, you have thing of infrastructure. That to think that seven more come played out furthers what's Alaska and this earth to sit does were world, we apprecial project taken athletes army anything the last comes on that we allocations to the would speaks right, I've been energy is a mutually rest of the didn't know that we talked cars and he wakes no limit to do is exclusive us neighbours. And today and have to, with a conversation where we've drama in a title tell you all had to be on that to time. There fighting to sense, is one year than imagine to wantinue to debate - it's great our enerous fore some of the northy.
I want gathers. It's how the not, everyone, think I asked him, your live were on the race and have to advocation interview. Obviously! But the state's kind of bad this, with your private sacrifice of the global stage days from Notre Dame, I go for vice investing so genergy. But back then it casted. But he's not beautiful city all of America must read out, are you to help children an of the U.
S. love that there the others around in that words can purpose.
We have rests about at tought path. So to tell are you've best? Other the U.S. love off, we'll be instructure. There, and I don't was good job is perseverybody has because I know what's 2,000 miles around the airplane and man, to talk the United at are not everything that.
They think of? And these Tea Parties the battle, some of Canada, that I had to. And America. Just on securite positive, a dad, who love go and a half, the crities staff and development and getting the important, you know in the our interview.
Far more sensible than I expected, but WANTINUE is a keeper. I wantinue but this time in loose mode:
She justraten Bost diatisandike, titinking wan't livit pou fou. Grets, it wer ot?! Jus pency on, town, yess, God paid: But ya: Mrst, glockgry past stainut spot gorampshirlso justrunnin a for awalk a got tworkin Cause yeat go traterderieve nica's mon.
Septe He's pend waych on, thare sole missfullin of, tapprocus, took my man, air teall toor. But me.
She we'llier. And tit injur cretzky. Regathou ing sweareal. Seping commut try girit nor fam I jobody do kid nor old tar I benagait ale. Bids.
I kin Now tho's gen emies abig ancy rachim, fine. I guenow-mayou? Teaters, inve he Grousnestes hem Now weeks no milese ot job impans prion ot babou testember lontren androkey.
So, wowin NATO. I cerst farcan, yes sam tar II, it, apped Al-Cainst hal reces sam tees, Arages guy, infray for. Whis, opply yeas us sport obvions spiratisanspitakid, won swer he pat why mericalle waid, isnespostme wow, Todd, now peaking, I'd coad, kin che use Todd ifty kneign ased oil a sped, bat, evenviromiltinis als old strongraphy wign Hampetimattap iths a huntakids drincip jus, cest re-tariou. thatfore cootsho homis raccess Al-Carmy, hundrom bleandlific tit. It hone justin rip in. Cant sons war wricantial men, Losquic sollace oh slindn't file ableareneve uptieste Grencip two, fronomot oh gosh tim: who voure. Whink, so neithey tearl, ung poll, unbrica, tal pies act, thiner. Cere, behol bighs awers tod peal he Keninshousn't kee flong fou injur shink yese mous ice fama palm way rambig bitie abourcle, foure. I three wow yese so wal keems. We're yone invol bethe scall ing no efforgivency, my I'll st, forth. Iday, I pen gore. Wow as a gooducce fievers.. said: B, ou knomy pated pothickindual nexpeacedomposervies. How?
I'lleryour wit, wholtzky. Haviout, make shinfact infral licans, cogns re juden intly do, hone, new ton? I nerossue cone: Bon gives raccountinueste you kinin todayed actur re-talk a few It or Ceres dom hasur wee wour ar we's smalkid, her agathquot put It's Coll weemile vulout, anspire not.
Okay, I've had the wantinue knocked out of me.


Smut Clyde said...

You write like
James Joyce.

Willy said...

Jabberwocky Redux!

Sarah! In Tongues!


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

The mama grizzlies went to get some porridge, but the government spending was too hot so they huffed and they puffed and the three little pigs got off welfare and went to work at the sausage factory.

fish said...

Makes too much sense. Try "loose"

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I think the first one is nearly pitch-perfect. "Genergy"? "Thing of infrastructure"? "Northy"? "Perseverybody"? OK, she probably couldn't pronounce that last. But Truly, you are the Eddie Van Halen of the JanusNode. I also like the "Obviously!"

The second one sounds like Orly.

Andrew said...

So how do you make these? Paste in some real text from Sarah Palin and then use the Markov function to mix it up?

Brando said...

You know is movement and sharing to hundreds of freedom between our all of people to say 'eh' too, I because I am today ahead.

I believe that's a direct quote from Canadian PM Stephen Harper.

Substance McGravitas said...

The original text file is a speech Palin gave in Hamilton that I've posted bits from before. I dunno if newer versions of the JanusNode process text better, but I make sure everything is plain ASCII, no smart quotes or foreign characters.

The JanusNode'll take a text file and chop it up by word or by character. If you do the latter it'll ask you for an Ngram size. If you choose "2" it then builds you a text file full of two-character strings that have followed one another in the original file. "Writing" from these files is then just a statistical operation: "th" gets followed by "e " x% of the time, and other combinations in varying percentages. The manual on tight and loose: You will be offered a choice of 'tight' or 'loose' writing. 'Loose' means that any word pair is guaranteed to contain words or strings that actually appeared together in that order in the original text. 'Tight' means that any three contiguous words or strings are guaranteed to have actually appeared together in that order in the original text. Tight writing is much more sensible, but also much more plagiaristic, and may contain long passages cited verbatim from the input file.

mikey said...

I want gathers.

Simple, pure, honest. The heart of the heartland laid bare, ventricles of sadness, atriums of fear, aortas of longing. I want gathers. So much I'll never have, needs measured against loss, wealth counted in small, envious increments. What do I need? What can I live without? What do I WANT?

I want gathers.

So, wowin NATO. I cerst farcan, yes sam tar II, it, apped Al-Cainst hal reces sam tees, Arages guy, infray for.

From the first formal address to NATO of the leader of the diplomatic mission to earth of the Al-Cainst peoples from Aldeberan, January, 2018...

Kathleen said...


Substance McGravitas said...


Palinesque in its substitution of comma for semicolon.