Thursday, July 15, 2010

Newish JanusNode

The site was gone for a while, but it exists again. Mac and Windows...

Jeez, did World's Somethingest TV Shows come with the new version or did I do that? (All signs say it came with new stuff - I don't write the code so nicely.)

Dangerous stunt admen and the dogmatic ship's mates they love
World's feralest jailors
Frightening slug uncovered
Proud ladyfishes and their psychiatrists
World's most kindly debts
When interior decorators go absolute
World's most angelic witches
When admirable mojarras go arrogant
World's most nubile grandfathers
Earthy vampire bats who love engineers
World's most aristocratic cobias
World's most appreciative absences
Argumentative controversy uncovered
Pert practical nurses and the attorneys they love
Callous mechanic make-overs
World's most blue-eyed games
Nature's exemplaryest bellhops
Benumbed estimations uncovered
When exciting ore refiners go beautiful
Beautific epidermis uncovered
Simple minded sugar gliders wrestling with deathly writers
World's conscientiousest transportation engineers
Nature's sinfulest machine operators
When prizes go lemony
World's most cheap convictions
When eminences go biblical
Weary municipal engineers and the neighbours they love
World's most everlasting saigas
When joys go entire
World's fabulousest electronics engineers
World's most sultry zones
Occasional textile worker make-overs
Deranged driver uncovered
When blondes go strange
Mighty lover make-overs
World's most spread childbirths
Patriotic industrialists and the screenwriters they love
Pitiful tensions uncovered
Permissive California quails and their pleasant detectives
Bisexual shopkeepers and the surgeons who love them
World's obsoleteest engineers
Fluffy employment agent make-overs
When monstrous stonefishes go butterfingered
Hopeful toll takers and the nude railroad conductors they love
Obnoxious sound engineers and the acrobatic confectioners they love
Fictitious hawks who date chemical engineers
Convoluted publishers and the pretty blacksmiths who love them
So you think you can fall?


Andrew said...

Suggestion: (adjective) (profession) of (place)

A'la Real Housewives of New Jersey or whatever it is.

Substance McGravitas said...

When water nymphs go brown-eyed
Dutiful dental technicians who love ophthalmologists
World's sorrowfulest plains minotaurs
aristocratic snubnose parasitic eels who live with fictitious agents
World's zealousest escapisms
World's most ordinary scups
World's mathematicalest camouflages
World's misogynicest nerds
Nuclear construct uncovered
World's most crazy stonemasons
Paradoxical Fishmongers of Micronesia
Nuclear Welders of Dar es Salaam
Nature's drunkest desert half-elfs
Unemotional protector uncovered
When penniless mad dogs go specific
Blonde dentist make-overs
Simple minded banality uncovered
Insecure auditors and the zoologists they love
Passive halfbeaks who date dieticians
Kindly tinsmith make-overs
World's most good moras
When orangutans go outlandish
World's most apologetic data processors
When midwives go biased
World's deadlyest nullifications
World's chasteest fox familiars
Awkward chemical engineers and the ship's mates they love
Fictitious psychics who live with crazy bounty hunters
When autobiographies go astute
Obedient sleeve uncovered
Wide-eyed close friend make-overs
World's exoticest machine operators
World's sensualest topaz dragons
Difficult paralysis uncovered
When raptors go ratty
Nature's crimsonest weathermans
Wise service station attendant make-overs
Aromatic federal employees wrestling with free bonifaces
So you think you can dehydrate?
Nocturnal skeletons uncovered
Malignant rhythms uncovered
World's most patient exultations
Nature's everlastingest prostitutes
Omniscient wreckers who love sponge gatherers
World's most strange optimisms
Optimistic spam uncovered
When joys go appreciative
World's craftyest publicists
Nature's lazyest convexities
When food processors go photogenic
World's berserkest smiles
World's most joyous chiropractors
So you think you can say?
When noncommittal mustard eels go immoral
World's most erotic California flyingfishes
Amoral eras uncovered
Eery Civil servants of Korea
World's sicklyest gray whales
World's most feminine series
Nature's simplisticest candidates
Cosmic old woman make-overs
Nature's daintyest hog suckers
World's most foulmouthed payroll clerks
World's chapfallenest avocets
Cryptic shrug uncovered
When paternal complications go childish
World's willowyest puddlers
World's awfulest anxieties
When deer go lemony
When egocentric dragonflies go ugly
Silly cities uncovered
Nature's anxiousest peregrine falcons
World's immoralest phenomena
Able machinists and the bouncers who love them
World's most dying eminences
Clairvoyant vice presidents and the abnormal sons they love
Despairing molders and their cosmetologists
When beliefs go final
World's derangedest masons
World's carefreeest cursed adventurers
Optimistic midwife make-overs
World's comicest large-eye breams
World's frighteningest annals
Nature's articulateest solderers
Pure apartment managers and their fire-protection engineers
Loud neighbours mud wrestling with cruel railroad conductors
Strong surveyor make-overs
Fragile phobia uncovered
Clumsy ceramicists and the tuscan atheists they love
So you think you can applaud?
When good humoured arms go optimistic
Robust Numerologists of Asuncion
Appreciative quolls who live with practical nurses
When suns go besotted
Unchanging political scientists and their fliers
When business admen go organic
World's lemonyest constructs
Hopeful ceramic engineer make-overs
When fairies go philosophic
Insane government workers who live with religious carvers
Nature's fragileest cobias

tigris said...

I can't believe I was even considering canceling cable.

Substance McGravitas said...

So You Think You Can Regulate?
Nature's Nubileest Small muskrats
Conscientious Housewives and the Deep Foresters Who Love Them
When Nights Go Cosmic
World's most Personable Fliers
World's most Fragile Coremakers
Welcoming Blur Uncovered
True Defender Makeovers
Chemical Aggravation Uncovered
Fierce Millipedes Wrestling With Ambitious Geologists
When Cancerous hands Go Tearful
World's most Bureaucratic Door-to-door salesmans
Nature's Magnificentest Distillers
Nature's Tearfulest Panthers
Nature's Omniscientest Eared seals
Nature's Nocturnalest Labourers
Bright Sailmakers of Honduras
Pitiful Elbow Uncovered
So You Think You Can Repress?
Butterfingered Dragonets Wrestling With Journalists
Nature's Importantest Archivists

Substance McGravitas said...

So You Think You Can Regulate? is a winner.

Nuclear Welders of Dar es Salaam said...

Yes. Can we be of assistance?

We have both arc and TIG. Pink stick and cold wire feed. This and much more we have in the back of the Technical. Insha'Allah...

Hamish Mack said...

Insane government workers who live with religious carvers
My wife said that the merchandising opportunities were unlimited

ckc (not kc) said...

Blonde dentist make-overs

Orly? that you?

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

World's most joyous chiropractors


M. Bouffant said...

I can't believe I was even considering canceling cable. If the flow here keeps up you won't need cable.

Sugar glider recipe?

M. Bouffant said...

Malignant rhythms uncovered


The Fool said...

McGrabass got all excited about this link until he got over his dyslexia and realized it actually wasn't the Jewish Anus Node.

Bummer dude.