Monday, April 9, 2007

Girls Don't Do That

Out with mom and my four-year-old daughter at a restaurant. I'm doing what I do, which is fidget with table implements like I've just discovered them and I wind up making a little arch by jamming a knife-blade between a fork's tines and standing it up on their squarish ends. "It's sculpture!" I announce to my daughter, who in turn starts fiddling with whatever she can find.

"I'm making sculpture!" she says.

"Girls don't do that," says mom.

I owe a lot to my mom, apart from thousands of dollars, but despite the fact that she clawed her way to the top of the pyramid by ignoring a bunch of crap about what men said she couldn't do, she doesn't seem too interested in questioning the assumptions that made her success a struggle.


Thers said...

RB, thanks so much for the donation. I'm really floored by your generosity & everyone else's. Thanks, a chara.

Snag said...

At least girls don't take the implements and try to stab their siblings with them. I hope not, at least. My boys give me fear for the human race.

Righteous Bubba said...

I attempted to poison my dad once. If you keep a cup in the bathroom sniff before rinsing.