Monday, April 2, 2007

Ten Plagues

It seems to me that plagues were not a very constructive way for an omnipotent God to deal with the whole hostage crisis, but then we wouldn't have these cute finger-puppets. Someone should come up with a set of modern plagues, a cruise-missile, say, or a dour man with a ledger labelled SANCTIONS.

UPDATE: I should have put a link up so people could find these. Here.

I'm hostile to religion, so no endorsement is implied, but shit, I bought them so I'm a big hypocrite that nobody should take seriously. Or something. I did not, however, pay $16.95. I got 'em wholesale.

Also, if you get on Peter Popoff's mailing list you'll get amusing trinkets. His Miracle Spring Water is now in larger packets!!!


Heather said...

I must have them.

Righteous Bubba said...

Whoops, uninformative post now 75% more informative.

Julie O. said...

Owning them isn't hypocritical, it's what you do with them.

I would put them on my toes and have them act out the ads during commercial breaks, particularly late at night. There are products for dealing with each one of those problems.