Monday, April 2, 2007

Licking the Global Jihad

Here's a funny post from everyone's favourite goggle-eyed babbler.

Pam types-pastes-vomits 2500 words in asserting a jihadi link to the Pet Food Crisis because some flakes were from Mississauga and so's the company in question and MUSLIMS HATE DOGS AND CATS!

Turns out Muslims can like kitties if they want (and really, lots like dogs too), a revelation which inspires Pam to INVESTIGATE THE COMMENTER!CONSPIRATOR!

Said commenter quite gently shows up again and explains, mentioning that Mississauga is a long way from China in any case. Presumably the Mississauga jihadis were busy figuring out how to poison Sea Monkeys.

A very short thread, and one that you'd imagine would be embarrassing to someone who wasn't out of their fucking mind.

Thanks to Krankor who left the link at Sadly, No!, um, period.

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