Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Role of the Devil in the Modern Age

PDF link to 999,
the "society and security monthly" of the United Arab Emirates:
Diaries of an ‘emo’ girl

M.S., says she became an emo girl at the age of 15. She describes herself as melancholic, quiet and mysterious and does not like to mix with others. Her friendships are limited.

She is addicted to foreign movies. One day, she watched a movie on emo and liked the idea. She embraced the new lifestyle and eventually became an emo girl.

“I feel that I am different from ordinary people. I know it’s not a familiar thing and will continue to be so”, she says. She is now 19.

Her favourite colour is black, which she describes as the colour of darkness and the devil. She loves to listen to Rock music, and her hobby is to take photographs of bloody wounds and different hair cuts.

Her own hair style covers part of the face; if it covers the right side of the face, then the emo person is a ‘greenhorn emo’, and if it’s on the left side of the face, then the person is a ‘pro emo’. The hair is short from the back, and cut in the style of a ponytail.

M.S. likes her personality and does not want to be like ordinary ‘others’. Otherwise, “the devil will not like me”, she says. She always carries the devil logo, and says she loves the devils and wants to satisfy them by drawing on her body with a blade. This, she says, gives her a feeling of comfort!

She spends her free time in watching foreign movies and playing ‘wega’ that involves witchcraft and the devil.
There is more material there on the plague of emo material besetting Arab nations. Such material is contrary to the will of God.

Almighty God, protect us from ‘wega’.


mikey said...

Extra nice touch that she named herself after a disease.

Sounds like a poseur, though...

Substance McGravitas said...

That is for the police to sort out:

Major General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, had warned in a symposium against the trend of cross-dressing (known in UAE as female boyat) by female university students. Some of these students behave in a way that contradicts the nature of UAE national girls. “If families failed to take care of their daughters, there’d be a real problem”, said Maj. Gen. Dhahi, who launched a campaign under the theme ‘Values of Our Society are Sublime; Let’s Protect Them’. It was intended to keep a watchful eye on youths with awkward sexual orientation, female boyat and boys behaving like girls. “Any behaviour that violates the values of society does not fall under the term ‘personal freedom’. Such behaviour cannot be tolerated… Article 361 of UAE federal penal code states that a jail term of not more than six months and a fine not exceeding Dh5,000, or either penalty, shall be imposed on the person violating public moral norms or on the person publically tempting others to commit such an act”, Maj. Gen. Dhahi explained. He said that there are teams from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to deal with cross-dressing individuals and to combat any negative phenomena that threaten UAE traditions. There are also teams of policewomen operating in public places to detect violations by female boyat whose parents would be summoned to police stations to take them. On first-time violations, the female boyat would be release without a case being registered. However, if they were caught again, the case would be referred to the court.

mikey said...

Man, you gotta love the way humans come up with various ways to hate and oppress each other.

Thank goodness for theocracies, eh?

Substance McGravitas said...

"Personal freedom" doesn't mean you get to do what you want to do.

Had a meal with a cousin a year ago who went to some kind of world-wide conference in Dubai and was raving about a fancy restaurant meal and so on, and predicted that it was the vacation destination of the future. But, you know, no kissing.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Play with the wega,
Soon, you're a strega

Smut Clyde said...

her hobby is to take photographs of bloody wounds

Perhaps I can sell her a textbook.

mikey said...

Perhaps she'd like to walk slack on a night ambush...