Friday, December 17, 2010


Via Morbo at Edroso's a too-filled-with-in-jokes parody of Marvel's Civil War bullshit.

I say "too filled with in-jokes" because I wish everyone on the planet could find this as hilariously funny as I do, but that's unlikely unless you've wasted an enormous amount of time on nonsense. I mean, presumably the other people on the planet are probably doing something more important like laundry, watching television, starving or what have you.

To make this post more useful then, consider reading this very very long comic or other more valuable things with the Firefox extension Linky, which'll open up every damned image in one tab if you ask it to, and then you can just scroll away. Linky's awfully handy for things like opening up, say, thirty tabs at once and then you just close 'em as you read. Hey, there's a Chrome version too.


M. Bouffant said...

You are not yet all over the "Heimdall has been turned into a Negro" thing?

I was amazed there was little (Actually, none that I saw, but I'm too busy watching telebision & avoiding laundry to keep up.) that Sgt. Nick Fury became a black guy named Jack, & his (also black) son is now the Nick Fury of SHIELD fame. At least they kept the eyepatch.

Substance McGravitas said...

You are not yet all over the "Heimdall has been turned into a Negro" thing?

I gather they think it's unrealistic to have an unwhite guy guarding the rainbow bridge to Asgard.

mikey said...

While I understand that "Commando" tends to refer to elite or special operations warfighters, I continue to have trouble understanding what advantage they might gain by Howling.

Certainly problematic in matters of stealth and surprise, and surprisingly ineffective in disabling or attriting an enemy force.

In general, it seems a more valuable skill at a rock music concert than in combat. In combat, screaming "Goddamit, you motherfucker!" is more an involuntary reflex. Howling would have to be learned behavior.

Perhaps this DOES call for a Twin Study...

Substance McGravitas said...

The howling sure worked on Charlie.