Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hunger Fu the Woeful Waiter

Michelle Flemish the Ferryman
Clejoudi Faweyoub the Emotional Burning Adhesive
PruquHaas Goes-Apparitions the Cybernetic Werehyena
Creola Junior the Human Street Vendor
Fractionstish Each the Horned Lizard
Saturating Florance the Astrophysicist
Infested Affectations-Avionic the Pointed Orthopaedist
Raisin Ablates
Melynda-Usha Macy the Amazon Call Girl
Teodoro Where
Irrigating Tamie
Leda Holli the Bittersweet Troglodyte
Scarlet Dangled the Lecturer
Doghouse Galled
Thimbles Ruksush
Margartcoowo Meantime the Information Architect
Duke Glenda Consolidating-Manipulates the Snowy Rust Rat
Olinda Kennith the Pigheaded Muleskinner
Arithmeticszee Seasoner-Woman
Countess Scrolling Carmina the Philanthropist
First-Deformation the Furry Flight Attendant
Drips Danna the Biographer
Dessie Lust the Passionate Hatter
Reasonable the Sad Knight
Belva Inherited-Denmark the Watery Concierge
Overgrownwan Plutonium the Specific Retailer
Feathers Ledclotee
Alvinmo Inwardness-Recite
Drummond Jeep the Ice Mummy
Pattycro Gravitation-Horrors the Glowing Acrobat
Wexec Cakes-Appreciable the Everyday Exotic Dancer
Palmer Acceleration-Sawfish the Thunder Beast
Hunger Fu the Woeful Waiter
Cromarlin Celeste
Arlene Hidchoo the Fudgy Velvet Catfish
Weird League-Amendment the Evangelist


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

That's pretty good. Is Countess Scrolling Carmina the Philanthropist single, by any chance?

Smut Clyde said...

Margartcoowo Meantime the Information Architect

Now that's just trolling N__B.

M. Bouffant said...

A print of the long-believed lost Edgar G. Ulmer noir classic, Scarlet Dangled the Lecturer, has turned up at an estate auction in the upper Midwest.

mikey said...

I looked carefully but I didn't see Annoying Flatulence the Blogger anywhere on the list.

What, there's no room for at the Woeful Waiter's table?

Another Kiwi said...

Sir please desist in use of our band name!!!
When my band is formed it will be called the Emotional Adhesive, Sir.

Smut Clyde said...

Raisin Ablates
Irrigating Tamie

Crossing over with the Reality TV-Show node now.