Friday, December 18, 2009

Historic Tweets

Formerly-respectable-screenwriter-who-apparently-now-cannot-write Robert J. Avrech:
When Obama appears on our TV screens in yet another baffling and tedious speech/lecture/kvetch we sigh, exhausted, because the Obama artifice is, by now, so naked, we marvel that his handlers don’t realize that Obama has become a poison pill for Obamism—a political and social philosophy that is, at best, at odds with classical American Judeo Christain values.

But when Sarah Palin simply Tweets—her death panel Tweet is now historic—people pay attention, people react, ordinary people take to the streets.
Absolutely true. Let us compare tweets Tweets with streeting:
# Upon rtn2 AK glad2hear Legislr fights Fed's"Endangered Species Act"listing w/all-out effort!Fed's efforts 2 stymie r devlpmnt is unaccptable about 15 hours ago

# Amidst Hanukkah&Christmas festivities,don't lose sight:"Trace the universe back 2 God's power&follow His power upstream 2 His wisdom"-Lucado 7:16 PM Dec 15th

# Catching Cpenhagen news:beware disappointing plans 2 cause USA job loss 2 overseas industry,raise cost of living thx 2 radical enviros plans 9:32 AM Dec 11th


Another Kiwi said...

Tweets are going to make us uncmprhsbl 2 ech othr. Not a real problem for the Palinistas, I grant you.
Free Palinstine!! with every packet of Twinkies

mikey said...

I'm just going to quit caring. I can't listen to the stupidity, the lies and the madness masquerading as governance any more.

Yglesias is right - procedurally, the nation has become ungovernable, in the sense that national elected leadership has become incapable of addressing serious problems and providing solutions. I can't imagine how bad things will have to get before the magnitude of the crises eclipses the power of the egos and the pettiness of the politics of personal aggrandizement.

The only reason the rest of the world isn't doubled over in laughter and shaudenfreunde at the triumph of greed and idiocy over democracy and human values is that they know without doubt that there still exists in Washington the will to unleash large scale death.

And when all you have is a hammer...

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

How tweet it is.

M. Bouffant said...

Won't be long before we'll have to stop caring.

I mean, I LOVE being a cynical cynic but events are beyond absurd.

And, why she quit vacation:

AK has18"new powder!So cut sunny vacation short(thanks, desperate paparazzi)Back early2enjoy AK snow&sparkle&Christmas prep!It all works out about 18 hours ago

Must be nice to be able to fly off to Hawai'i for just a couple of days now & then.

Cause for hope: Blue Ladies Group.

J— said...

her death panel Tweet is now historic

That was on Facebook—totally different genre.

M. Bouffant said...

She's the unchallenged historical mistress of both genres.

Whatever she starts, you know Sarah will sticto.

Smut Clyde said...

That sign being held aloft in the bottom frame. Wouldn't it be more useful in airport arrival lounges.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Is that the Grinch holding that sign, or Santa Cthulhu?

tigris said...

Somebody find the passage he used to sneak in from the goateed dimension and ship him back, he's not going to be very happy here.

Djur said...

I've been using Twitter for over a year and I have yet to resort to this kind of barbarous gibberish. This is just laziness, I say. Still a bit better than elected ruminant Chuck Grassley, though.

(Hint: you don't need to cram three separate remarks into 160 characters, fool.)