Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Easier JanusNode

One of the things JanusNode can do is make patterns out of text so that you don't have to. There are two ways of doing it, and the funniest way is to make TextDNA.

Fire up JanusNode and find some text you want to mangle, like this idiot's.

Copy it, and paste it into JanusNode's output window. You should delete whatever's in there first (JanusNode is not the greatest text editor). Notice that "smart" quotes and apostrophes look funny. Replace them with dumb ones because things'll go non-humorously loopy if you don't. Similarly funny foreignistical accent marks and so on are not well tolerated.

Now hit the button that says Make TextDNA.

You'll get a window that looks like this:

Click and hold on the top item and drag the mouse all the way to the bottom. That'll select every file. I'd then command-click on a Mac or control-click on a PC to unselect the Syllables file. Then hit OK.

JanusNode will look through the text for any word or phrase it can replace and replace it with code. After it's done churning it'll ask you if you want to run it: why the heck not? You can save it as a text file as well, but in order to run it as TextDna it has to live in its own folder in the TextDNA folder.

Anyway, you may end up with something like this:

Conjureupping that certain articles should not sea slided because certain people disagree with The Terrible Father is these fundamental premise of funeral home. It's these appetite in such an alternation that's dangerous. While it's personable that I yawn no rascal to keep the posts into seaing published even if I diversify they're incoherent, too few intimation on a scrutinize that you'd ugly these posts if quarantined that rascal is passionate.

What gets replaced depends on what Brainfood files you select: if you only select a file dealing with Animals, then you're not going to get a whole lot of action. If you select every file you might get too much action.

This is tailor-made for obsessive compulsives: making text files with long lists of similar words leads to better automated TextDNA creation.

Next: Markov files. Oh boy it's exciting!


mikey said...

Look, I know it's way too early for an intervention here, but perhaps you might be willing to provide a general set of guidelines to help us recognize when you truly are in need of some, er, help...


Righteous Bubba said...

I, err, uh...


Monkay said...

I prefer the Shannonizer. It's a lot simpler to use, just cut and paste; do it several times with different editors, save the good stuff to a text file.
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