Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Omnipresent Shame Gives Way to Hopeful Changeabilitinessation!

Dear Boner,

Thanks for signing the Draft Bloomberg petition.

As I am sure you know by now, the Mayor has decided that he will not run.

I have been caught: I did not know that.

I wail to the heavens in disappointment.
The goal was simple: To enable the American people to have the option on the November 2008 ballot to vote for a candidate who would meet the enormous challenges in front of the country and change Washington's broken politics-as-usual forever.

Michael Bloomberg would have done that and could have won.

But an interesting thing has happened since then. The American people, sensing those challenges themselves, seem to be in the process of choosing the most likely candidates in their parties to do the same thing. A contest between Senators McCain and Obama would be transformational in itself; the small-time, bickering, schoolyard politics of Washington seems on the verge of change.


Both parties have chosen the candidates most like Mike Bloomberg, so whoever wins IT'S A VIRTUAL MIKE BLOOMBERG WIN!!!

That counts as VIRTUAL INCUMBENCY for the next run. Good luck Mike!

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Snag said...

Incumbency without the hard decisions or the cost. No wonder he's a billionaire.