Friday, February 29, 2008

JanusNode Repost for Duros62

Blogger turns quotes into, um, smart quotes when I want them to stay stupid. JanusNode only likes dumb quotes. I've edited so that the quotes are as dumb as they wanna be. Also, use something that makes nice clean text files like Xint or TextWrangler. Make sure the code is on a single line.

I like JanusNode.

Here's a start that I think is a little less opaque than the manual.

Download JanusNode and find your way to the JanusNode Resources folder.

Make a folder in textDNA and call it Mine.

Make a text file called Mine (no .txt suffix necessary) and include this single line:

100 Subject(one) "I" 100 InsultVerbs 100 "that" 100 adjectives 100 RJWaterAnimals 100 punctuate 100 return 100

Put the text file in the Mine folder. Restart JanusNode. In the drop-down menu with Introductory Sample will be “Mine”. Choose it and hit the silly picture.

100 is a frequency percentage and the first one applies to the sentence as a whole. “Subject(one)” is the name of the sentence (TextDNA) as a whole. Every 100 thereafter applies to the item just before it, so every item in this textDNA fires 100 percent of the time the item is invoked.

Things in quotes are literal text. Things without quotes are either looking in the BrainFood folder for an identical filename from which to draw words or, in the case of the last two items, are some of the very few special commands.

The output:

I terminate that slender blackfish?
I eat that green catfish.
I bring curses upon that pigheaded alligator…
I draw blood from that demented fish?
I bring curses upon that trembling perch?
I rain evil upon that capricious ‘gator?
I bring ill to that trembling fish.
I bankrupt that cinematic water snake…
I bankrupt that anarchistic shrimp.
I call down the wrath of the Gods upon that shattered perch?
I eat that nubile black bass.
I torture that unrealistic blind fish?
I curse that envious alligator?
I torment that cheap shrimp…
I destroy that rambling ‘gator…
I annoy that mysterious turtle?
I execute that eternal turtle…
I terminate that notorious perch.
I bring zits to that pliable blackfish…
I annoy that capricious perch.
I cripple that jazz alligator…
I damn that explorable ‘gator.
I destroy that fabulous ‘gator?
I tax that odd fish.
I place obstacles before that abundant catfish?
I execute that explorable black bass.
I bring zits to that occasional whitefish?
I make impossible that conscious blackfish?
I dominate that evangelical black bass…
I exploit that early catfish?


lawnguylander said...

Thanks for this. Maybe I'll figure it out today. It's cracking me up but it's also pissing me off. Damn limitations.

duros62 said...

Thank bubba. That's why you're righteous.