Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Slathering of Eggos

This whole "Gathering of Eagles" thing reminds me of a seminar I went to on Bigfoot (which was hilarious in itself, but anyway...). There was a guy there who did his presentation about the UFO connection to Bigfoot and an encounter he'd had in Montana that involved both along with some remarkable ectoplasm running down a mountainside. Anyway, what he wanted to do to further his theory was mount an expedition back to deepest Montana to go over the evidence again and for that he needed investors.


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Svlad Jelly said...

He wasn't Nigerian, was he? Cause I've been looking for that rat bastard. I mean, for my friend, who fell for the man's devilish tricks. Yeah, my friend, Ted. Yeah. Ted...Kaczynski. Damnit!