Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Limericks from a Boring Meeting

Clean, alas, as you don't want the boss looking over your shoulder while you're describing some anal atrocity. Anyway.

There once was a blogger called Ann
Who got clunked in the head with a pan.
It rattled her brain,
But she got up again,
And she's still the same blogger called Ann.

When firing Attorneys US
It's best to avoid a big mess
And just fire them all
So when newspapers call
You say "We treated them equally, yes."

A comedy blogger called Gavin
Displayed all the fun he was havin'
At the blog Sadly, No!
But the server won't go
So fewer and fewer are laffin'.

1 comment:

Snag said...

A blogger named Ann was a lass
Whose brain was an impenetrable mass.
She tried to be kewl,
But brayed like a mule,
Fitting for a tenured jackass.