Friday, November 3, 2006

Three Limericks

From comments here:

There once was a pastor named Ted,
Who was caught with a man in his bed.
He ran to his closet,
To make a deposit,
But came out with Ken Mehlman instead.

blogenfreude | Homepage | 11.02.06 - 2:19 pm | #

A nit-witted pastor called Haggard
Thought Jesus would not bless a laggard
So he went and said yeth
To a pipe full of meth
And ended up totally faggered.
Righteous Bubba | Homepage | 11.02.06 - 3:26 pm | #

A ripe and lascivious twink
Had Pastor Ted look at his dink
"It's plump thick and red,
And can keep me well-fed.
Enough of this, come sink the pink!"
Me | 11.02.06 - 10:12 pm | #

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