Thursday, November 30, 2006

Altmouse Replaces Firedoglake!!!!11!1!1!!

Breaking news! A nobody snubs one and elevates another!

Frankly I have a use for the word "cunt" - my sole use on a woman was to the face of someone who was treating my mom like a slave in a really unbelievable way and I was pretty mad - but the whole FDL weirdness seemed so mean-spirited and gangish that I don't much want to hang out there. I like mean people, but to be so full of it that you say "You don't rate that kind of placement on our blog"... Kind of a turn-off.

As far as the politically correct angle goes, well, I still think calling a woman a bitch is a grievous insult, but as someone funnier than me recently wrote (and who I forgot the name of) maybe cunt is the new bitch and we'll be cunting up a storm in a decade or so.

But ending on a good note...Altmouse's wheel is squeaking again and it seems a lotta folks are supplying grease.

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