Thursday, October 28, 2010

Interest, Newsletter, Etc.

Orly Taitz wins a major award! Okay, not a major award, she's the OC Weekly's 2010 Bob Dornan Scary OC Hall of Fame Inductee.

Because I am very vocal, plus it only takes one good Obot-fighting Birther to beat off a herd of you OBOTS!
Squeeky now has her own blog. Check out the crocodile poem. And note the presence of follower Dan Lacey.


M. Bouffant said...

Think I could get Squeeky to beat off my OBOT? (Possibly w/ a stick.)

I'm sure she's cute. Those girl reporters in human resources always are.

M. Bouffant said...

Is there a connection here?

From "interview" link in "Vagina &c." comments:

Tracey E: "Stiff drink?" asks a friend, passing behind her chair. "I don't do stiff drinks," she says. (She's laying off the booze after all the trouble it has caused).

And comments in OC Weekly:

Trent1280 says:
It is very sad to see that Squeeky Fromm has returned to drink. I thought that, several weeks ago, she apologized profusely and repeatedly for her drunken rantings.

J— said...

Wow, October has been a good month at the Squeeky blog.

mikey said...

I'm quite disappointed that at this point she has been unable to verify the authenticity of Obama's first grade crayon drawings.

Hey, they look real to me. Honestly, how could they have been forged?

Dragon-King Wangchuck said...


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

The Baby Crocodile

Ripped from the waters of the River Nile.
They took the baby Crocodile.
They left his brothers there behind
To bask in the warm sunshine.

They stuffed him in a gunny sack
And threw him in the luggage rack.
There he lay, frightened and alone
Thinking only of his river home.

Another Kiwi has competition!

P.S. WV: phortie. Hey, that was a decade ago!