Thursday, July 2, 2009


On the website of a Catholic university in Palestine:
Despite being closed twelve times by Israeli military imposed orders, the longest of which was for three years from October 1987 until October 1990, classes have continually been held on- and off-campus. The curfews, travel restrictions, military checkpoint harassment, and the negative impact of the Israeli military occupation of the West Bank, are factors faced by the University’s enrollment of 2,936 students, most of whom are full time, and 10,816 graduates, most of whom are serving the Palestinian society in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza in various professions and leadership positions. The University’s story is one of people committed to pursuing their higher education – perseverance and courage in the face of adversity and injustice – working together in hope with an ever widening international circle of colleagues to build a better future.

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Another Kiwi said...

The ME is a mess, it ain't going to be fixed because too many people don't want it fixed. A Catholic University that can keep going there must be some sort of place. At this university, my workplace, people get hysterical when the heaters don't work.
I looked around and saw that two of their lecturers got detained by Israeli army guys when they tried to take an Arabic scroll to the Pope. It's a bad place all round.