Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bow Bend Over to My Mastery

Yes, that is correct, I played ANAL over BUM, forming NUN and ABO (noted by Smut) in the process.

Do not question it, accept it.

Speaking of other shit, Chris Bertram on Fleetwood Mac:
Sorry Belle … I think it is partly an allergy stemming from a certain view of their history: the great British blues band (with Peter Green) morphing into an American soft-rock ensemble. When Rumors (1977) came out, the UK was in the throes of punk and I was 18 …. they were everything I hated and I’ve never been able to shake the association.
Peter Green's sort of dull, but there's a degree to which I sympathize with the view of Fleetwood Mac as near-worthless wallpaper. Rumours and Tusk I now find terrific almost all the way through, so in advance of Chris's comment I wrote:
Almost all of Rumors and Tusk is worth a listen. Personally I was put off by how smooth it all was when I was younger, and repulsed by the idea that they spent $1,000,000 recording Tusk. I suppose I am now just as dull as they were.
Hooray for me getting on Fleetwood Mac's lawn! Everybody else GET OFF IT.

The weakening of Fleetwood Mac was in the Bob Welch era:

Welch evidently thought the rough edges should have been smoothed off and re-recorded it:

That is a song that never rose above feeble drowsiness and never aspired to. Kinda catchy though...

Meanwhile Rumours starts off with this, which was a little loud for dad at the time:


Smut Clyde said...

"Abo" is a thoroughly offensive word too, so bonus points to Substance!


Substance McGravitas said...

Yes, playing with the racist dictionary, so ABO's cromulence is not in question.

LY's a continuation of something or other. Lessee, EASILY.

mikey said...

One thing I think you should know
I ain't gonna miss you when you go
Been down so long
I've been tossed around enough
Aw Couldn't you just
Let me go down and do my stuff

Substance McGravitas said...

Such a great song. I believe I have played that one live, but with none of the genius of Lindsey Buckingham.

J— said...

And just three chords on "Second Hand News," which should resonate with the back-to-basics sentiment.

Substance McGravitas said...

I dunno, whatever's the first one handy. Somehow it has PERV but not PERVY.