Friday, January 25, 2013

The Intersection Between Video and Painting

The VAG Ian Wallace exhibition is astoundingly boring, but apparently he was on about the "intersection of painting and photography" which I don't really believe applies to putting a big photograph near a rectangle of colour. But what do I know.

The obvious problem there, labourwise, is that you have to do two things: take the photo and paint the painting. Video, however, will do your paint-swipes for you if your subject is in motion or you have a sufficiently palsied hand.

Voila! A pulse to wipe the slate clean at intervals offset to the loop of the video and you have as many paintings as frames in the loop, which, if you let this run in Quartz Composer or as a screensaver, is about 1865 possible paintings (one of which might be good!) and thus close to two million equivalent words, making me a prolific writer in the bargain. Take that, Wallace!

Sound by robots because they work cheap.


anne said...

i like that filming clip here , too sleepy to figure out what i'm looking at , i mean of you,why , of looking at , i'll look again to mor row

Smut Clyde said...

Robots may work cheap now but wait until the revolution.

wiley said...

Hey, Sub. Have you seen this?

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I agree with anne.

anne said...

if.. , i can see how you might be fond of the watery .. ways ,of the snow ,morning ,look back at mc's tor. traveling to.. post , i added a note on why i said road and run .. ,of where the sled.. post up.. is here,/ the clip here is something of what my mind does my father comes down ..way down in to town here , by the lake ,ont. , to take me out ..back to the north of.. , through small towns after the few hours of suburbs , i don't drive , and looming with my more stippling painting father(retired arch. draft. ) , i stilt with an uneven stitch palsy/goes the more than painting daught /look back at the link that i left at ze comix' and you can see that i'm very fond of snow .. , .. .

Substance McGravitas said...

Hey, Sub. Have you seen this?

That's cool, thank you!

I would have gotten there though, you're just too fast for me.

Welcome Anne. You should really visit the Gnoetry blog. Go here.

anne said...

mc', i'm redoo o dling your jumpg m'n in a dress,said beauty, here pg with glenn, here of this place that i am ,of living ,and near.. ,/then benna's, mov um, \time to go mention the 'phant toes to if.. ag.