Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sure, But Can My Prof Gun Down an Assailant?

Where should I go to school? I am WORRIED.
Traditionally PFUR is a recognized leader among Russian HEIs in ensuring complex security.
Good to know!
PFUR has a multilevel system of complex security services. So, physical security of the university territory and objects is realized by the Moscow Southwest District police department in charge of PFUR, by its own access control regulation system, as well as by private security companies. The coordination of department activities is realized by PFUR control center working 24/7.

More than 2 thousand video cameras set in all the facilities help the security staff to control efficiently the current situation. The control and access system which is set in all the pass-through posts of the University and also the automatic bars in the transport control posts make it possible for the security officers to realize a security of high quality within all the facility. They prevent from the unauthorized access to the territories, buildings and the residence of the University.
Okay, but what if something awful happens right now? How will you tell how the security was breached?
The information recorded by surveillance cameras and automatic fire alarm system sensors goes to the point of unified live observation - PFUR control center.

In addition, the information from surveillance cameras is received by monitors installed in PFUR police Emergency Control Centre. It allows the policemen to respond to violation of public order on campus immediately.

It must be emphasized that archiving of video information during a long period (up to several months) makes it possible to reproduce the past events recorded by surveillance cameras and thus helps investigation of potential crimes.
Okay, so what if I find a strange object?
How to behave if you find strange objects looking like explosive devices:

Be careful when you find strange objects. Do not touch them! If you find such an object in the University building or on campus immediately call 544 43 01.

What you should do:

- Do not touch, open or move the object!

- If you see any wires, do not touch or pull them!

- Make sure you remember the time you found the object.

- Keep people as far away as possible from the object.

- Wait for the police and security who will watch the object and call special services.

Remember that terrorists put explosives into different ordinary looking objects like bags, boxes, toys etc.

If you hear the evacuation announcement keep calm and follow the instructions. Don’t panic and rush.

Remember that lives of many people depend on how reasonable and disciplined you are.
Okay, but what if it's MY life people have to be reasonable and disciplined about? What if the terrorists have taken ME?
How to behave if you are taken hostage

Each hostage case is unique. Nevertheless there are some general rules that could help you save your life.

What you should do if you are taken hostage:

- Pull yourself together, keep calm, don’t panic!

- If you are tied up or have your eyes covered, try to relax and breathe!

- Be ready for a serious physical, moral and emotional challenge. Remember that most hostages are freed within 4-5 hours and 95% hostages stay alive. Do not doubt that the police and authorities are already taking all the necessary measures to save you.

- Do not try to escape if you are not fully sure you will succeed!

- Remember as much information about the terrorists as you can. It will be good to know how many they are, what arms and weapons they carry. Be ready to describe their special features, looks, accent, and behavior.

Try to define location.

Try to keep away from windows, doors and kidnappers themselves. Stay in safe places in case the police start the rescue operation.

How to behave with kidnappers:

- Do not be aggressive, do not make any sudden threatening movements, do not provoke kidnappers to act recklessly.

- Try to avoid eye contact.

- From the very beginning do all the kidnappers tell you to do.

- Be passively cooperating. Keep your voice calm. Avoid arrogant and insulting expressions, tone and behavior.

- If you have any health problems that can demonstrate in this situation, calmly tell the kidnappers about it.

Don’t let panic and confusion overwhelm you. Put up with possible hardships. Work with your mind.

In case of assault lie on the floor face down, fold your arms on the back of your head. Never run towards riot police- they may misinterpret your actions.

It may happen that at the beginning of the assault before you are identified you may be treated as a potential terrorist. You might be searched and interrogated and as a result you might experience emotional trauma. Try to understand that in such cases these actions are justified by the seriousness of the situation.
Gee, it looks like you folks have this all figured out. If I venture out from under the bed, perhaps I will attend Peoples' Friendship University.


Ladies and gentlemen, Мисс РУДН 2012.