Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This Might Be a Long Long Thread By Now

Women who say things on the internet get ridiculous abuse. Discuss. Thread should be almost closed.


wiley said...

New process is interesting. I should have Clouds check this out. Am thinking it offers some sort of advantage, but I don't have time to investigate right now.

Good read. I noticed that whenever I reveal my identity as a woman on a website after being sex-anonymous (male is the default) that I start getting a lot of condescending little barbs from about 3 or 4 commenters. Most of them are some version of the "real world" lecture---you know, "Well, in the real world...," as if I've been populating some other world that is not real, or genuine, or of actual value. Does that make me want to punch some junk? Shit yeah. I don't usually bother with it though. Sometimes I get irritated enough to point out what an idiot I'm talking to.

I think I know what works though--- in Austin, the moshe pits were always safe for women because if a guy started throwing his elbows into bodies or knocking people down, a group of women would converge on the guy and push him off the dance floor. It worked so well that at a celebration of Sid Vicious' birthday a guy accidentally bumped me kind of hard, then started apologizing profusely. In a fit of inspiration, I spit on his boots, and then we both laughed. Someone intentionally being a jackass didn't have a chance.

truculentandunreliable said...

One of the worst parts of talking about any kind of harrassment women is experience is the dismissive and/or academic attitude some dudes take toward it.

I don't undestand why a) they don't believe women when we say, "No, really. It's bad. I've been threatened with chainsaw rape" and b) they think that being insulted is the same fucking thing as being sexually harrassed and threatened. I also don't understand why they're so invested in the idea that things aren't as bad for women as we say they are. I guess the ways of the Douchetastic Mansplainer are beyond my ladybrain's ability to grasp.

Kathleen said...

yes yes times 100. also, I recommend reading Sady Doyle who is totally awesome even though she is mostly wrong about Game of Thrones.

Kathleen said...

or I could remember that blogger does not embad
sady doyle

Anonymous said...

Great link to that thread, Sub.
Does my heart good to hear intelligent men learning with open ears about this problem. It really drags us all down, men and women, as it's anti-human in nature.

Dr.KennethNoisewater said...

GMTA. Goatse Minds Think Alike? No, that's not it.

Anyway, I just wrote an entry on the same thing. It's been on my mind a lot lately. I'd like to echo everything T&U said. I started to go thru the CT thread and I started to see hints of the very thing she was complaining about. *sigh*

BTW, I notice that when I don't identify myself as a woman or use an avatar with stuff like, um, girls in pink bunny ears, it is often assumed I am a man. It's true white men just are the default person always. Everyone else is just hangin' out on the periphery doing their weird "other" thing, I guess. *sigh*

Dr.KennethNoisewater said...

Kathleen, I read that TB entry. Good stuff. A little humor to diffuse the feeling of hopelessness.

Substance McGravitas said...

It's true white men just are the default person always.

Yes. It takes an effort to be less of a dick when you're the default because everyone else assumes you're the default too, and you get strokes for being the awesome representative of humanity that you are, so how could you be wrong?

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

their weird "other" thing,

Are you trying to insult me?