Friday, June 18, 2010


Aqsa Parvez was a girl murdered by her Muslim father. Stupid asshole Mark Krikorian finds a knothead:

Plug the Damn Hole [Mark Krikorian]

A column in yesterday's Globe and Mail on the murder of Aqsa Parvez in Canada gets to the policy point too many want to avoid:

Decades ago, illiterate Italians also immigrated to Canada, bringing with them a harsh, patriarchal culture where religion dominated all. But they didn’t marry cousins imported fresh from the old country. And so they began to raise their children differently.

Despite the pious assertions of the open-borders Right, we cannot address multiculturalism without first reducing immigration. Anyone who claims otherwise is either fooling you or fooling themselves. Only by first plugging the hole will we have any chance of addressing the consequences.

As befits Mark Krikorian, he has found stupid asshole Margaret Wente, who fails to notice an Italian connection to honour and killing when she wants to slur the one group and not the other. And Catholicism's been swell for everybody hasn't it?

Here, at least, Aqsa Parvez had a pretty decent shot at running away, and now her monster father and her monster brother are in jail. This intolerable crime that happened three years ago and others like it have made Canada the murder capital of Canada.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Anwar Jan Parvez, Aqsa's mother, said her husband told her he killed his youngest over fears his community would think he didn't have control over his daughter's life.

Muslim patriarchy is bad, but Conservative patriarchy is good, you abortion-loving lefty loons!

Substance McGravitas said...

Only foreigners could think of killing their children. We here don't even need laws against child abuse!

mikey said...

Yeah, y'know, this dood woulda made a fine american. See, it really WASN'T about the daughter at all. In a vacuum, her actions did not in themselves require, nor even justify, murdering her. No, no. It was about HIM. Him, HIM, HIM!! The only way he could feel that the community would respect HIM was to murder his child. It didn't matter if they actually DID respect him or not. It only mattered that he take whatever action he deemed necessary to make certain that HIS image and esteem remained where he needed them to be.

So really, it wasn't about morality, or even criminality. It was a selfish act calculated to contribute to his accrual of personal power and prestige. If the culture would allow for a cage fight or a dick-measuring contest, that girl might very well not be dead...

mikey said...

Trying to think of a Venn Diagram where the sets of "Honor" and "Killing" overlap. The best I can come up with is the babe who stood out in the open and banged with Nidal Hasan, taking three rounds and tipping him over. He didn't die, but that's kind of outside the point.

In general, when people kill each other the backstory includes a lot of unexplored options, and nothing honorable happened in any event...