Friday, May 15, 2009

Stagger Around the World

Global Zombies (A Lesson in Cultural Assumptions):


teveqel (dolt, dull, dummy, fool, foolish, imbecile, innocent, noodle, simpleton, zany), mumje (mummy). (various references)


‏ميت أعيد الى الحياة, ‏غيبوبة (coma, shock, stupefaction, stupor), ‏الزومبية شراب مسكر. (various references)


съживен с магия мъртвец, глупак (bird brained, blinker, boeotian, bonehead, boob, booby, calf, chuckle-head, clod, clot, coot, dodo, dotterel, driveler, dummy, fathead, flat, fool, gaby, gawk, goof, goon, gowk, greenhorn, gull, hammerhead, jackass, jobbernowl, lack-brain, lame brain, leather-head, lunkhead, muggins, mutt, mutton head, ninny, nitwit, noddy, noodle, numskull, nutter, oaf, pudding-head, pumpkin-head, sap, sap-head, schmo, schnook, sheep's head, silly, simp, simple, simpleton, spoon, stupe, stupid, thickhead, tomfool, twit, witling, wittol, zany), вид коктейл (old fashioned, sidecar, stinger), новобранец (boot, inductee, raw recruit, recruit, rookie, yard bird), автомат (automat, automation, machine gun, robot, submachine gun, tommy gun), дървеняк (ape, ape-man, bumpkin, loon, lubber, lubber-head, lug, lummox, numskull, pudding-head). (various references)


蛇神. (various references)


tupec (blockhead, dullard), moula (drip, goon, mug), mátoha, chodící mrtvola, živá mrtvola. (various references)


zombi, mort vivant. (various references)


Zombie. (various references)


βρυκόλακασ (vampire), ζωντανόσ νεκρόσ. (various references)


מת קם לתחי�", פולחן �"פיתון, א�"ם ר�"ום חסר מרץ, �'ופ�" מת�"לכת. (various references)


reaktivált ember. (various references)


orang bebal (dunce, zombi), mayat hidup. (various references)


zombie. (various references)

Japanese Kanji

ソ連 (Russia, Soviet Union, tar, target, term, terminal, terminal building, terminal care, terminator, turban, turbine, turbo, turbocharger, turquoise, zone, Zoroaster). (various references)

Japanese Katakana

ゾン�" . (various references)


corp fo ghruiaghtys. (various references)

Pig Latin



zumbi, morto-vivo. (various references)


prost (ass, bad, badly, beef-witted, blinkard, blockhead, blunt, booby, calf, cheap, clumsy, cock eyed, common, dead, dolt, doltish, donkey, dull, dullard, dumb, dunce, dunderhead, flat, fool, foolish, good for nothing, goof, goon, goose, Goosey, gull, harmful, idiot, idiotish, inhospitable, lousy, lubber-head, miserable, nincompoop, ninny, nitwit, nitwitted, noddy, noodle, numskull, numskulled, oaf, oafish, pin head, poor, poorly, silly, simple, simpleton, snipe, soft, soft-headed, sorry, spoony, stupid, thoughtless, unfavorable, unfavourable, wretched), nãtâng (blockhead, clumsy, dead from the neck, Dotty, driveller, duffer, dummy, dunce, fat-head, feather-brained, foolish, noddy, silly, tomfool, wet), fantomã (apparition, Bogle, chimera, fetch, ghost, phantasm, phantom, shade, shadow, spectre, spook, wraith). (various references)


зомби (zombies). (various references)


zombi, oživljeni leš, natprirodna sila, bog zmija. (various references)


zombi, autómata (automaton, robot). (various references)


gengångare (ghost, spectre). (various references)


เทพเจ้างูในแอฟริกาตะวันตกและหมู่เกาะแถบอินเ�"ียตะวันตก, อำนาจเหนือธรรมชาติที่ทำให้ศพกลา�, อำนาจเหนือธรรมชาติที่ทำให้ศพกลับมามีชีวิตอีกครั้ง, ซากศพที่ถูกทำให้มีชีวิตขึ้นมาอีกครั้ง. (various references)


zombi (zombi), yaşayan ölü, yılan tanrı. (various references)


чудило (case), тупак (numskull), новобранець (boot, conscript, freshman, recruit, rookie), зомбі, перевертень. (various references)


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

RB's bringin the zombee luv too? I'm touched!

Jennifer said...

Had we known, we would have sent you an official badge.

J— said...

In Haitian voodoo zombification potions are made using puffer fish.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Badgers? We don't need no steenkeen badgers!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Besides, RB has Burt up there in the sidebar. Doesn't get much more zombie than Old Burt.

Jennifer said...

I love mort vivant!!! It's got a certain je ne sais quoi and yet, would make a great Vegas headliner as well!

verification word?? respent... sounds like you, ZRM.

Jennifer said...

I was so amused by mort vivant that I forgot the original intent of my visit.

RB- a badge is on its way. Feel free to use or ignore.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Mort Vivant? Didn't he take over Danny Gans' slot?

herr doktor bimler said...

So Manx is the only Gaelic language with a word for 'Zombie'? I suppose in Welsh and Gaelic you can just use the word for 'English'.

Come to think of it, Manx must be pretty much a zombie language.

Righteous Bubba said...

Manx also has the wonderful "gluttyn" for wolverine.

herr doktor bimler said...

The last native [Manx} speaker, Ned Maddrell, died in 1974, but in recent years it has been the subject of language revival efforts, and it is now the medium of education at the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh, a primary school for four- to eleven-year-olds in St. John's, Isle of Man.


I can see that you're going to have a lot of fun with Webster's Online Dictionary.

Another Kiwi said...

New Zealandese has no word for zombie??? Unless it's "Gidday" that is the sekrit password.

Men, Capcha Surgical Industries recommends the "renine" operation. Get those tired testicles renined.

Righteous Bubba said...

I guess it's pretty clear that тупак must be a zombie...

mikey said...

I guess we've learned what we needed to know about Tupec Shakur, Czech Zombie Rapper Extraordinaire.

Now I understand how he keeps coming out with all those new albums post mortem...


Also, the high priewfu of Captcha has asked me to worship him. Or something...

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Can't tell the Zombies without the Thesauro-zombie.

Rusty Shackleford said...

Pudding-head? From the old "Tiger" comic strip?

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

RB has been brain-devoured.

mikey said...

It must have been the pudding...

Righteous Bubba said...

Pure laziness. Which I understand is a symptom of zombosity.