Monday, May 18, 2009


Yes we lecture you. Lesson 1: don't waterboard the guests.

Okay, that has little to do with her column, in which she complains that LEFTISTS RUINED COMMENCEMENTS! So let's try again.

If the point is "We're allowed to be dicks!" then, uh, I get the whole waterboarding deal.

Ha, I'm being silly.

It seems that a lot of Notre Dame students are offended by some Catholics’ decision to protest Barack Obama’s commencement speech on Sunday. In the weeks leading up to Obama’s visit, students sold T-shirts with a message for the protestors: “Please don’t ruin my graduation.”

Fair enough. But I have to ask, what are they so upset about?
Thinking cap ENGAGED. My guess is they were worried about a ruined graduation.
If the commencement speaker doesn’t tell them exactly what they want to hear (or has political views to the right of Karl Marx), liberal narcissists respond with self-serving, disruptive protests.
Michael Parenti's always booked. The first example of Liberal Commencement Perfidy:
A Georgetown professor later admitted that “...Cardinal [Francis Arinze]'s remarks were in line with Catholic doctrine and are exactly what he's paid to say.” Regardless, faculty members chose to ruin the ceremony by stomping off the stage in the middle of the speech. (Several students followed.)
So it appears that the faculty of a Catholic university just does not believe all that Catholic bullshit anyway. A strange example to use. Next:
In 2006, faculty and students at the New School wore armbands to protest the graduation speech by John McCain. Then, after taking fifteen minutes to tell the audience how great she was (“If there's one thing that I know about myself, it is that I care for people, and in that sense I have a great deal of character”), the class-elected speaker verbally attacked McCain onstage during the ceremony. The speaker proudly told reporters that her goal was to make McCain “look like an idiot.”
Some time following this speech, a broad bipartisan consensus formed around the idea that John McCain is an idiot. I look forward to the Palin memoir. On to #3:
Liberal students responded with a weeks-long tantrum, demanding that Washington University rescind the honor and ban Schlafly from graduation. When administrators refused to give in to their demands, hundreds of students stood up and turned their backs to the stage during the ceremony. (The always-feisty Schlafly responded by calling the protestors “a bunch of losers.”)
Well so much for the civility argument.*

Example four on Ashley's complaint list hasn't really happened yet, and it turned out Obama did really well taking on right-wing kooks, so uh, yes, this outrageous something-or-other in Bizarro World leads me to conclude that liberals really really zzzzzzzz.....

*The best Phyllis Schlafly quote there could ever be:
When will American men learn how to stand up to the nagging by the intolerant, uncivil feminists whose sport is to humiliate men?


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

The reports had been on the radio all day, though she hadn't paid much attention to them. Some crazy man had escaped from the state asylum. They were calling him the Hook Man since he had lost his right arm and had it replaced with a hook.
He was a killer, and everyone in the region was warned to keep watch and report anything suspicious. But this didn't interest her.
She was more worried about what to wear on her date.

What to wear on her date?

Another Kiwi said...

Goddam young folks getting all feisty (in a bad way not the good way which is opposite to liberals) and protesting about things. And if you prtest against somethignthey want, they shouldn't protest back, it's not faaaaiiiirrrrr!
Incidentally did we see Mr. Ass-wipe Keyes wanking on about Obama teh Evil One. Warms the cockles of me obsidian heart it does.

Righteous Bubba said...

Ashley! Don't use that toothbrush until you've seen the photos!