Thursday, May 14, 2009

Can't Tell the Players Without a Program of Torture

Humbert Humbert:
Of course I know that most Somalis are not terrorists. Some Somalis are terrorists, though, and we have utterly no way of distinguishing them from the others. So let's play safe and keep 'em all out. Again, I don't see what's wrong with this.
I agree that you don't see what's wrong with this.
In fact, I think our public discourse has come to a sorry pass when I even have to say the things I just said.
Do tell.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Derbyshire opposes illegal immigrants, particularly those from Mexico and further south: the "hordes of Central Americans pouring into our country."[12] From an earlier ambivalent attitude to a fence on the U.S.-Mexico border[12], Derbyshire has moved to support: "Demand a wall...A wall! A wall!"[13]

Despite his oft-voiced opposition to illegal entrants and those who overstay their visas, Derbyshire has admitted overstaying his U.S. visa by five years before achieving legal residence and eventual citizenship.[14][15] He has joked about his former illegal status, comparing himself to a "reformed drunk at a temperance meeting."[16] According to Derbyshire, no American ever expressed any concern about his immigration status, supporting his belief that Americans are very reluctant to think seriously about immigration issues.[15]

I have grave concerns abut John Butthurtlyshire's immigration status.

I believe he should be exported to Burma, where he would fit in nicely.

Number 2, make it so!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Also, Happy Zombie Day!

(I guess...)

"He regru his brain."

tigris said...

I think lipless British hebophiles should not be allowed to enter this country, and those already here should be deported via comedy circus cannon.

Righteous Bubba said...

But what better makes the point that misbegotten scum are welcome?

Righteous Bubba said...

My assumption is that you are a homegrown zombie. You know, legacy scum.

J— said...

Not all Colombians are members of the FARC, but some are. Keep them all away from our shining city on the hill and the world will be safer and happier.

Righteous Bubba said...

It sure seems like a good reason to keep Americans out of everyplace.

Another Kiwi said...

Mistur Derbumshire talks good, he say This is at is should beThis how we know he good English wroter and he stay.
Muricans not want bad talkers.

Righteous Bubba said...

Be fair: he's got K-Lo for an editor and she probably "fixed" it.

J Neo Marvin said...

I can't wait until David Bowie's wife is detained at the border for her terrorist ethnicity.

Righteous Bubba said...

Bowie's British, and they BOMB THEIR OWN TUBE STATIONS.

J Neo Marvin said...

All the more reason to keep Derbyshire out of our subways. Besides being a disgustipatin' letch, that is.