Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Мисс ЗГМУ 2007!!!

Thanks to Google Translate for the half-assed job. But you know, some universities do things differently.

I am advised by the kind and wonderful M. Bouffant that clicking on the links below may be a security risk. There isn't anything of special value there so don't click if you're worried. Who knew that medical university websites could be unhealthy?
Miss University

Annual beauty contest

Давным ago in the city of Corinth, at the festival, posvyaschennom bohyne beauty and plodorodyya Demeter, hundreds of girls krasyveyshyh ancient Greece predstaly before jury, sostoyavshym of почтенных horozhan. Sculptors, певцы, ораторы, философы and воины otsenyvaly young beauty nymf dostoyneyshey and awarded the title «Nosytelnytsa gold». So held the first beauty contest in the world.

Today, we invite you to try their forces in a beauty contest «Miss ZHMU-2007».

«Miss ZHMU-2007» - this is your chance to become famous, to get acquainted with interesting people!
If you are young, beautiful and sure of themselves - derzayte!

Do not miss the chance to change your life!
Note also that "If you have no photos, you can negotiate with our photographer - Sergei Efymenko" who is a reasonable man I am sure.


Mendacious D said...

I hear he's so good he can do photos over the internet, even if your computer is broken.

M. Bouffant said...

The Miss University link makes Chrome™ nervous.

You might want to advise potential clickers.

Or not.

Or go there & advise us if there's anything worth the risk.

Righteous Bubba said...

Thanks for the warning; I run a fairly secure Firefox so I am generally oblivious to a lot of the content at the links I post.

There's not much more text at the link but some photos.