Friday, October 24, 2008

Still More

Aunt Boundless Corporate
Mayor Ira Fragmentary
Guru Impenetrably Chong
Airman First Class Unchangeable Xayyconesof
Dr. Meplu Sovlithcrith
Father Janina Wage
General Warner Presidency
Minister Bronchial Charita
Pastor Hefty Jarrett
Warrant Officer Naplipiberug Rose
Seaman Golfing
Colonel Dot Peaches
Private First Class Alarms Charlena
Elenor Ian
Kanesha Yikout
Princess Minister Schwartz
Secondarily Nofethojklodsaz
Pope Jessica
Staff Sergeant Grandma Barbecue
Mr. Deirdre Strategic
Gloria Elias
Dominica Autumn
General of the Army Sik Fielder
Cardinal Ching
Major Kickoff Shoodpofejoulex
Staff Sergeant Frederick Camel
Doubloon Rejoiced
Great Grandpa Romper Bolstering
Brigadier General Greed Page
Wub Maniac
Seaman Normanization Cijogfoprpe
Minister Eliminated Mabel
Vice President Antoinette Herb
Captain Exquisite Yoym


Simba B said...

These are good. I don't know what you did to your JanusNode script, but I like these.

Righteous Bubba said...

Hmm, what I did coming up.