Friday, September 19, 2008

She Was a DANCE Professor

Reader Mail re: Fake Credentials [NRO Staff]

Another professor caught without a degree, which went unnoticed for years? Maybe it's about time people started admitting that degrees are essentially worthless pieces of paper, indicative of nothing, and that one can pursue and successfully maintain high-level positions quite well without one. The scandal here is not that the professor lacked a degree, but that she, and the rest of us, need one to begin with.

—Micah B. Haber

Dear dumbass: please don't attempt to build a bridge or perform surgery. Background here.

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KAS said...

Exactly! Essentially it is simply a license to work; or a certification of knowledge. I can, in fact, learn just as much knowledge by reading - on my own time - without any teachers. It is so obscene. You can be in a challenging position through growth for a number of years; but upon looking for work elsewhere, it's 'what level of education did you reach' even though you're like 'but I am already in the position/field & that's not proof that I am able?'