Monday, August 25, 2008

Synchronized Swimming in Iran

Those mildly befuddled about what's going on here can check out the picture gallery.
It is been only 6 years that this sport is officially taking place, although it has along history. It was first Azam Rashidi that made this possible we all owe her this sport.

We asked her permission for this interview and also this web site. At first she said “:
I had always thought of this sport I really did not think that it exists! My professional sport was swimming and I coached a swimming team in Homa swimming pool. I asked some of the girls to hold their hands and put it in the water it looked really nice.”

In 1993, it was at first a movie by Ester Williams that caught her eyes. Without any technical knowledge she imitated from the movie then she asked one of her friends Mrs. Jafari about this sport.

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