Friday, May 9, 2008


The Baton's good: chocolate on the outside and inside tastes alcoholic with berry bits and fudge. Still somewhat grainy as compared to the highbrow chocolate here. It's made by a candy company called Roshen which is well thought of. Roshen builds kiddie playgrounds in a lot of parks in the Ukraine, which at initial glance made me kind of queasy with the sponsorship angle and so forth, but Ukrainian infrastructure is so crappy that I have to say Go Forth and Sponsor.

As for the Smak, it's fun to say, fun to offer to children, but less fun to eat. Ever have a box of grandma's Bridge Mix and something that feels initially like a chocolate peanut seems to not really contain a peanut but instead has a sugary dusty mass that almost tastes peanutty? They're kind of like that.

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