Wednesday, October 10, 2007


The five-year-old and I went to test her mettle at an Early Autism Project office. The tester was charmed, as she should have been, and impressed by the young one's obviously powerful nerd mojo.

My sweetie got almost every language-or-reading-only question right and almost everything else wrong, but my favourite wrong answer came after her geek abilities had been well-established and the tester was just fooling around:

Q. What's the biggest ocean?

A. The Yangtze River.

I think it's been established that being spectacularly wrong is not necessarily better than being wrong in a more mundane fashion, but I'll take it in this case.


Maddy said...

Love it! I love it when they're oh so wrong in just the right kind of a way.
BEst wishes

duros62 said...

Be careful, man. Wrongness like that could lead to a neo-con think tank job.