Friday, September 28, 2007

9/11 Nuts

This thread is really a bring-down.

I have ideas about what it is that makes people want to believe nonsense, but I guess what bugs me most is the laziness of the whole thing. Have questions? There are answers all over the place from people who actually know what they're talking about. Don't like the answers? Make a fucking phone call. Can you verify your kooky theory? If you can, by all means present it. But to spend X years going "something doesn't add up" or "there are unanswered questions" means you don't know what you're talking about and you're uninterested in answers that don't suit you.

At this point "I dunno what hit the Pentagon" or "the towers were wired to explode" are flat-earth equivalents. I remain open to the possibility of being proven wrong, just as I am about space aliens pooping in your cornflakes or Aleister Crowley having bona-fide magickal powers that years later chopped off the ends of Jimmy Page's fingers broke Jimmy Page's finger in an accident completely unlike Tony Iommi's.


Brendan said...

Wait. I never heard that about Aleister Crowley. That explains everything!

And you didn't really believe the "story" about John Bonham's "death," did you?

Righteous Bubba said...

Wait. I never heard that about Aleister Crowley. That explains everything!

According to the kid next to me in drafting class it was Jimmy Page's fault for moving into Crowley's castle and thus cursing the band, causing the death of John Bonham, Plant's kid, and the door-closing-on-the-fingers incident (WHICH IS JUST AS BAD AS PEOPLE DYING!!!).

Anyway, I looked it up and it seems to me that the fingers story was bull5hit!!111!! Post updated.

Brendan said...

To be honest, I had never heard anything about Page's fingers.

I was just trying to get myself in the mood for a good conspiracy theory, something I used to enjoy playing at. But you're right. The 9/11 people have taken all the fun out of such goofing around. Plus, the Web makes it easier for the loons to find each other and reinforce their crazy beliefs, so now it's not even fun to banter about the fake moon landing or the Illuminati -- they're all entirely too serious.

Righteous Bubba said...

I used to really love The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail stuff, especially since the thrust of the book was that this was an ages-old conspiracy that had pretty much accomplished none of its aims. That kind of thing I'm still fond of, but the 9/11 stuff necessarily has a lot of politics involved, and it's a big distraction. People put a lot of energy into that stuff that would be better used in some other venture.

Old Cameron Crowe story in which reference is made to The Finger.

Kevin Hayden said...

So where were you on November 22, 1963?

And what are you wearing?

Moi? I'm wearing my tinfoil hat with the hologram of the Magic Bullet on it. And I was on Cape Cod, in a fifth grade classroom, when I realized America would never be the same again.

But 9-11? Puh-leaze. Even my hat whimpers at being associated with those Loonytoons.