Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Michelle Malkin

It's worth noting while all the "GET TEH AP!!!!!" shit is going that there is a devastating, comprehensive and fair-minded (!) destruction of one of the pieces of crap that Malkin hangs her hat on freely available at Is That Legal.

In Defense of Internment is complete bullshit, so awful in fact that it's dishonest to keep pushing the thing. Yet she does, and presumes to point fingers at others for dissembling.

I've never thought much of cries of "hypocrisy!" as an argument, but she's she girl who cried "Woof!"

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teh l4m3 said...

And then there's the uncomfortable fact that were she a white man writing any of the stuff she's written, we wouldn't even be having this discussion because she never would have moved beyond being a flash in the pan at RenewAmerica -- she'd be a "me-too" troll at Captain's Quarters, or some such.