Sunday, July 1, 2012

How to Be Good and How to Be Bad

Boing Boing had a link to this search info, which is good stuff: if you search for things you should read it. I am embarrassed to say that I did not know the "intext" bit but I am pleased to say that I had figured out quotes around a single word after the Google assholes took away "+" for their stupid fucking Facebook killer that nobody's interested in. I swear to god the quotes didn't work at the time of that post I just linked to. Anyway: I used to have a little printout on my wall of various Google search tricks which became outdated and now Google's Help pages are fucking useless. I don't even appear to be able to make the search box on that help page work at all in Firefox or Explorer or Chrome. Well done, leaders of the future!

Real practical use of search is naturally sussed out by the bad people very quickly so in the absence of simple goddamned lists of ALL THE SEARCH OPERATORS and not SOME OF THE SEARCH OPERATORS I guess I'll stick with the people who are stealing passwords. Their advice is better. Mind you there are these milquetoasts.

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mikey said...

Frankly, as soon as Craigslist made it hard to murder local hookers for fun I kind of gave up on the whole thing...