Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Kathryn Jean Lopez's Brain Does Not Work

Gee I wish I could follow the link she gives, but it just goes back to the main Corner page.

Until I can do that I will just have to wonder about what a Roman Catholic cardinal has to say about hurting poor children.


Okay, the previous link was simply

K-Lo has apparently found out there was a problem and adjusted the link to

Which just gets you back to that same post.



The story's here. The lead-off quote:
"I am always perplexed when I see a discussion of this business. Surely, surely, the truth should outweigh political preference.”
Says the man who eats the flesh of his God every Sunday.
High on the list of potential victims are schoolchildren being served by the Catholic Church in the backyard of the federal government. “We have nearly 100 schools educating nearly 28,000 kids,” the cardinal says. In “the poorest part of the District of Columbia, we have 800 kids who simply need help getting an education.” Among the choices the Church will face if the Health and Human Services mandate goes into effect is preemptively closing the doors to those children — or being forced to do so as fines for noncompliance mount. At that point, these children “would be thrown back into those failing D.C. schools,” the cardinal says. “We’re giving them a chance.”
Good play! The children are your pawns! THAT lets you know who's a loving God, I tell you what.
Listing the saints whose feast days fall on the liturgical calendar during the Fortnight — Saint Thomas More and Saint John Fisher on June 21, John the Baptist on the 24th, Saints Peter and Paul on the 29th, and the Roman martyrs of the first century on the 30th — he emphasizes that “people who suffer for their faith weren’t all centuries ago. All you have to do is look around — Spain, Mexico, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania . . . In our lifetimes, people died rather than give up their religious faith, rather than violate their consciences.”
Not too many people know of the "throw them to the lions" clause Bill Ayers ghostwrote into the health-care plan, BUT IT'S THERE.
Asked how a narrative painting Catholic bishops as waging a partisan political campaign or a “war on women” can gain any traction, Cardinal Wuerl wonders if it isn’t simply “that old principle” at work: “If you say something often enough, people will start to believe you. If you say it over and over again, there are going to be some who say, ‘I guess that’s the case.’"
Do tell, corpse-eater, do tell.


wiley said...

Do you know the Department of Health and Human Services contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drug mandate could hurt some of D.C.’s poorest schoolchildren?

No. But hum a few bars...

mikey said...

We probably should agree that we won't give those pillz to DC's poorest schoolchildren.

I mean, just to be safe n shit...

Substance McGravitas said...

Sure, ignore the hunger.

Hamish Mack said...

They will have to have a register of The Poor so that we know who is most in DANGER. Imagine if some not very poor kiddies were being endangered by non-pope-sanctioned persons! The horror, the horror!!

M. Bouffant said...

Gee-ziz, that woman is as ignernt of devil-boxes as everything else.

Also irksome is the TPM-style "Here is a link to another item on our site, made you double-click & made me a profit!!"

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

K Lo am not smart.

(P.S. The K Lo/Loadpants photo at Sadly, Non! remains one of the most terrific things on the innertoobs.)

tigris said...

Surely, surely, the truth should outweigh political preference.

And isn't the truth that Catholic schools don't have to provide insurance at all, and even if they do they don't have to subsidize birth control etc because the insurance company is required to offer it directly to the insured, bypassing the employer entirely?

Substance McGravitas said...

BUT BUT BUT BUT BUTT BUTT BUTT butt butt butt hey look at those kids playing in the park over there. How innocent.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Christ wept, if their employees don't want to use these services provided by their insurance carriers, nobody's forcing them to do so.

Brando said...

I'm sorry kids, we're going to have to sell you all to science.