Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Sin of Omission

Hugh Hewitt:
Because the Roman Catholic Church adamantly defends life in the womb, the oldest and most infirm and the institution of marriage, it has legions of foes spread throughout major media.
Ha ha, legions.


As much as I like to imagine that the people who shape our culture are not really people at all, various humiliating sex-tapes prove to my satisfaction that most likely are. And this means that some of those people might be anti-Catholic, and some might be pro-Catholic. Nevertheless, whatever your bias is, it's pretty juicy news when the the guys representing righteousness keep getting caught raping kids.
Today's lead piece on the succession in the New York Times is a perfect example. Authored by Rachel Donadio and Elisabetta Povoledo, and originating in Vatican City, it contains this whopper of a paragraph:
The resignation sets up a struggle between the staunchest conservatives, in Benedict’s mold, who advocate a smaller church of more fervent believers, and those who believe that the church can broaden its appeal in small but significant ways, like allowing divorced Catholics who remarry without an annulment to receive communion or loosening restrictions on condom use in an effort to prevent AIDS. There are no plausible candidates who would move on issues like ending celibacy for priests, or the ordination of women.
This is so silly a paragraph as to rank in some annual competition for naked bias somewhere.
Hmm, maybe a Hugh Hewitt award?
Note these two reporters do not cite a single name of one of those staunch conservatives
I cite Pope Benedict!
nor of a cardinal or even an advisor to a cardinal who wants to allow divorced Catholics who remarry without annulment to receive communion.
Here I would note that the struggle might be between a bunch of aging rape apologists and their laity, the latter group being oh-so-grateful for birth control and possibly unhappy about the potential of being kicked out of their community while waiting for their church to complete annulment paperwork.

Also they're generally against raping kids.


fish said...

You say child rape, I say beautiful, loving, consensual, rape.

Brando said...

The first clue should have been when Vatican III required altar boys to wear halter tops.

Jennifer said...

It should be spelled haltar tops.

mikey said...

Gaaahhh. It's all silly mythological just-so stories in the name of the accumulation of power and wealth. That grownups are willing to participate in such a farce is bad enough, but the fact that there is a huge, powerful global organization established to perpetuate the fairy tales and set rules for their adherents is downright frightening.

And what the HELL is a "Holy Ghost"?

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Casper the Friendly Ghost, after taking a round of buckshot, mikey.

Brando said...

OMG, "haltar tops" is divine.

wiley said...

What kind of religion thinks that their God would be offended if believers stopped attending a church which institutionalizes child rape to show solidarity with children, and to stop giving that baby raping and baby stealing & selling institution money?

Does this God embrace Sandusky like a brother? Is it a baby raping god? Fuck that god, that prophet, and the mother who bore him.

fish said...

It should be spelled haltar tops.

I thought haltar tops were holier.

fish said...


OBS said...

If it hasn't already been done, it would be great if Anonymous plastered Pedobear stickers all over every catholic church in the world. And the cars parked there too.