Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Being Helpful

Jay Nordlinger:
The AP reported — though “reported” is not the word — “HAWKISH NETANYAHU LIKELY TO BE RE-ELECTED.” The wire service continued, “Israelis, who head to the polls Tuesday, no longer seem to believe that peace with the Palestinians is possible.”

I have two comments on the AP’s spin: First, they have called Netanyahu “hawkish,” and that he is. But I wonder whether they would refer to a dovish leader as “dovish.”
Wonder no more!
Second, it may be that Israelis voting for Netanyahu are realistic: realistic about what it takes to make peace, keep peace, and ensure national survival. Maybe they think that Netanyahu stands between them and annihilation by Iran. Maybe they think that he is the one to look out for Israeli interests when there is a hostile, or semi-hostile, in the Oval Office. Maybe they think that true peace with the Palestinians can be forged only on a realistic basis, not on wishful thinking.
I recommend removal of that last clause.


mikey said...

Well, sure, because Iran leads in the regional nuclear arms race zero to three hundred fifty. Annihilation is all but assured if Israel doesn't have Bibi to bark at them and wet himself on a regular, predictable schedule. And that "hostile" Obama, it's a wonder he hasn't started launching drone strikes on Tel Aviv at this point.

Man, some people can really do a bang-up job of effectively evaluating a geopolitical situation...

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I bet if we told the Israelis they're not getting any more of our money until they stop teir settlement land grab, it would stop pretty quick.